Massive Dynamics

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Reasons to Buy! ☺ + target audience

Right now you’re either like, who would ever buy this? Or you’re like, massive dynamics is amazing! Well now I will tell you why the second example of emotions is better. Group 5 has created a very new but exciting…Massive Dynamics 5! It has amazing 6 inch retina display and it also has parental controls! Plus, it has unlimited apps and an extremely high quality phone!

The 12- 18 range is great for our product because most kids, starting at 12, want a phone and even the older age group wants his phone too because of its amazing quality and sturdiness!

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More Explication

First, the 6 inch retina display! The iPhone 5 only has a 5 inch retina and the iPhone 4/ 4s only have a 4 inch display. As I always say, the bigger the screen, the better the screen. Next, parental controls. If you’re a parent, you should know that kids sometimes do things that they’re not supposed to. Because of this, we have created a connection from your phone to your phone to your child’s Massive Dynamics 5 to check what they’re doing. Sorry kids, but do you want the phone or not? Also, it has unlimited apps! Kids love games and communication apps. So if you have the pear phone, you don’t have to worry about the capacity of the Massive Dynamics 5. Finally, the high quality phone. Unlike home phones, you can hear everything the person is saying and imagine never having to say, “What, What?” or “Pardon me?” you could hear every word!