Tanystropheus posthumus

By: Sarah Moore / 6th Randles Science

Size and Locomotion

The Tanystropheus had short legs and the front were smaller than the back. Also, possibly its feet could have been made for swimming. It had a tail so maybe it´s tail helped them move.

What they ate and their enemies.

Tanystropheus was a carnivore. On land it ate insects and small reptiles. In the water it ate fish and ammonites. The Tanystropheus' enemies were big, carnivorous, and predatory reptiles. It defended itself by attacking the other with teeth or maybe just running away as fast it could. It could also jump into the water and swim away.

Did you know that the Tanystropheus had a snap-off tail, like some lizards today, to escape larger carnivorous dinosaurs.

Habitat, Range, and Size

The Tanystropheus lived on the shore of the lake or ocean. ( water or land ) Their fossils were found in Europe, Middle East, and mostly Italy. Its size was 6 meters long and a estimate of 40 lbs. Also, with its neck raised it was 4 feet high.