The unwind age lowered to 17

Would you unwind your child?

People are questioning if it really is right to unwind their children

Unwinding has been the solution to the 2nd revolutionary war that was fought over abortion When the bill of rights was made that stated that no life be touched until the age of 13-18. When a child reaches this age a parent has the decision to abort or keep their child. The child would still be alive of course but in a different state of living. Many parents and the government have unwind children. Weather it be because they were a troubled teen, or they weren't talented enough, to control population, and for religious reasons. Unwinding has helped save many who were near death, just replace the troubling organ with a new one. Harvest camps make their last moment in the whole state comfortable until the procedure to their next state in living in parts. But are they really alive, if they're in pieces?

Happy Jack harvest camp destroyed!

The AKON AWOL (Conner) was captured and on his way to unwinding when all the unwinds went into a frenzy and were uncontrollable. This is when two clappers (a terrorist group) decided to explode the harvest camp. The plan though was for three clappers to explode themselves but one didn't instead went back into the ruble to save other unwinds. The third clapper was a tithe (decided from birth to unwind as religious sacrifice), tithes always meet their fate gratefully so why would a tithe choose not to unwind? This is what made everyone second guess their decision on unwinding. In the end it was decided to lower the age from 18 to 17 instead, which will save many unwinds and parents from regret.

Safe camp for Unwinds discovered

The government apparently knew for some time of this safe camp but left it