My Ethics

Katie Hannan

Responsibility with your community

I believe i should try to be involved with my community. I feel i should try to make a difference and help out other people, animals, and other places of my community. I believe if everyone helps out with their community then their state would be a better place, then possibly everyone would want to help out with their community and eventually the world would be a happier place.Recently i have joined Franklin County's Humane Society. I decided to volunteer there because not many people care about how the abandoned pets in Ohio are going to maintain a happy and healthy life.

Determining whats right and whats wrong

I believe in any situation you should always go with whats right. If your in a situation where you could help yourself or others, you should always go with helping others because its for the greater good. To me, this determines whether your a selfish person or your caring person. A caring person wouldn't always help themselves but try and help others, while a bad person would only think about themselves.

Responsibilities at school

Some of my responsibilities at school are

  • maintaining good grades
  • good test scores
I maintain good grades to show my teachers that i can apply myself and achieve things if i keep on top of things. My parents always told me to apply myself and work hard and you can achieve anything, and i do try really hard at everything I do, and I will keep doing this even after college because there is always room for improvement and there will definitely be more things to achieve in the future.

I try to get good test scores so I can prove that I am a bright student and I will study hard to get good grades. I also try to get good test scores so when i take the SAT or ACT, colleges will want to have me in their college.

Being polite

Being polite is a big ethic of mine. No matter how arrogant a person is being you should still be polite. Being polite shows patience and kindness. Being polite is extremely necessary for the real world, it determines who you're friends with and whether its a long lasting friendship, its needed to get into a great job too.

Applying yourself

This is a huge ethic of mine too, applying yourself is essential to a good life. In order to get what you want in life you must apply yourself. I apply myself in all my school subjects, chores and other activities. The one thing that helps me keep applying myself is a quote from Walt Disney. "Keep moving forward." This quote means even if you failed at a point in time, don't look back and dwell on it, keep on trying.