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March 6th, 2019

What's Happening at Penngrove?

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What Happened Today?!

We received a number of calls after school about poor driving etiquette in the family parking lot. Honking. Refusing to turn right. Being impatient and rude to others. Not pulling forward. Let's pull it together, Penngrove! After a day of learning, our students deserve more than to hear and see disrespectful behavior. I am SURE the large majority of people were doing all the safe things to make our parking lot flow smoothly. Thank you for continuing to model the behavior you would like to see in your own children. Take a deep breath, come to dismissal a few minutes later, do whatever you need to, but please be considerate, kind, and follow the procedures that are in place for a reason. Thank you in advance!

~Mrs. Fadeji

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Last Call for Honorary Service Award nominations!

The PTA is accepting nominations for Honorary Service Awards for the 2018/2019 school year. Three awards will be presented to different individuals at Penngrove School during an assembly in April. These awards can be presented to a staff member, community volunteer, local business or organization.

· The Honorary Service Award is given to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding service to children and youth in our community, going above and beyond what is asked of them.

· The Continuing Service Award is given to recognize an individual or organization for ongoing or long-time service to children and youth, providing support year after year.

· The Golden Oak Award is given to recognize, as the most prestigious of the Honorary Service Awards, an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in our school community.

If you would like to recommend someone who fits into one of the categories above, please use this form to submit your nomination(s) to the committee. Nominations are due by Friday, March 8th.

This Friday March 8th starting at 5:00pm, FOPPTA will host an Ice Cream Social in the Penngrove Multi! Please RSVP so we're sure to have enough ice cream!

Parent volunteers are needed!

If you can spend an hour to help keep the lines are moving at the Ice Cream Social this Friday night, please sign up here.

Talent Show STILL NEEDS sponsors!

Reach every audience member in their seat by purchasing an ad in the Show Program!

We have a record number of participants in the show this year plus increased seating capacity.

This is a great opportunity to show support of our students while promoting your business!

We have space for only 20 ads, available on a first come, first served basis.

Black and white, business card sized ads are $100/each.

Deadline is March 15th or when we reach 20 ads, whichever comes first!

Please use this form to sign up to be a sponsor.

Doodle For Google Contest

March 18th is the last day to enter!

Follow this link for details and contest rules:

Lifeskill Winners Wednesday, February 27th

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Mornings - Written by a Penngrove Mama

This morning was a doozy. I woke my kids at 6:45 like I do everyday, and I knew the minute they opened their eyes it was not going to be pleasant. My older son immediately shut his eyes again and rolled over. The younger one started complaining about something, I can’t even remember what it was now. From that moment it was a series of battles. 10 year old refusing to get in the shower (yes, B.O. begins that young), 7 year old refusing to wear every pair of socks I set out for him for one reason or another. Suddenly I look at the clock and realize it’s now 7:50, one is sitting on the shower floor talking to himself, the other is still looking for the most perfect pair of socks. This is the moment where I lose my cool. How on earth can it take over an hour to get dressed? Breakfast still hasn’t been eaten, teeth are not brushed, feet are shoeless, and it’s already time to leave. After I get mad and still, no one is hustling, the defeat sets in. So I lock myself in a room and start to cry while I can hear my husband lecturing them on the importance of being on time, as well as listening to me. They aren’t listening to him, I can tell through the closed door.

So, I do what any mom with a seriously awesome village does and text a group of friends. I’m losing it and I need people who understand to help me out because these mornings happen to us about once a week and I’m tired of it.

After telling me it’s okay, I’m not a bad mom, and my kids will not in fact starve to death from missing one day of breakfast, here is what they came up with...

  1. Motivation. We shouldn’t need to bribe little humans to do everything, but a little motivation never hurt anyone. A few ideas are picking the music on the way to school, a stop at Penngrove market or choosing breakfast. I decided to go with option 3, as I’m trying to tone down the competition in our house and music might start a fight, and leaving early enough for a stop is a little ambitious for us.

  2. Prepare. If you have battles over things like clothes (or socks in my case) take care of that the night before. Anything that might be a battle, do it at bedtime instead of in the morning when you are in a hurry.

  3. Check list. Make your kids a checklist of things they need to do in the morning. This way, instead of reminding them of each step, you can just say “checklist” when they look distracted.

  4. Consequence. When I say to my kids “you are going to get a tardy!” they look at me like “is that supposed to worry me?” because in reality, us parents are the ones who get in trouble for our kids being tardy. So, the idea was a punishment that will fit the crime; if you are too tired to get up in the morning, you must be going to bed too late! That means if you get a tardy, that night you are in bed at 7 (or whatever time is “early” for your family). Another idea is screen time after school or in the evening.

  5. Deep breaths. Above all, remember what my village told me this morning: it’s okay, you are a good parent, and no, your children will not end up in jail because of a few tardies.

ELECTIONS- 2019/2010 FOPPTA executive board

Nominations were announced at the association meeting on Monday night. If you are a PTA member, you should have received an email with the list of nominations.

If you are a PTA member and did not receive this, please email

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Frustrated by the parking lot?!

Does afternoon pickup seem unnecessarily stressful?

Join the parking lot squad on a quest to help Tina with the traffic flow, starting after spring break!

Have a few extra minutes to help out?

Please use this Google doc sign-up sheet and slide your name into one of the slots! Awesome perks include thank you's from destressed Penngrove parents and sweet reflective vests.

Not able to commit just yet? You can also help by following these basic rules during dropoff and pick hours:

  • If parking spots are available- PLEASE USE THEM! Especially if your child tends to take a while to get down to the lot. We promise our team will help you get in and out!
  • No upper grade parents should be in the lot before 2:55
  • ALWAYS turn right – it is unsafe to turn left out of the lot!
  • Do NOT walk across Adobe Road- there are 2 crosswalks- use them
  • PULL UP PULL UP PULL UP! Too often we see whole car lengths of empty space between cars. Pull up as far as safely possible. This applies to street parking as well.
  • When pulling into the lot- merge like a deck of cards. One car from this side, one car from the other. Be courteous to your fellow Panthers

Field Day Chair or Co-Chairs needed!

Would you like to take the lead on Field Day this year?

Field Day 2019 is set for May 28th.

Supported by the FOPPTA Board, the Event Chairperson or co- Chairpeople is/are the director(s) of the event. Please take a look at the Event Chair Job Description. If this sounds like you, please complete the Event Chair Interest Form, and we will follow up with you soon. Thank you!

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What’s on your mind?

Please email your questions, comments, ideas, spring break plans: