7 April 2022

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Dear Parents and staff

This weekend we celebrate Palm Sunday when we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As the people laid their cloaks and palm branches on the ground and welcomed him as their hero, I wonder if he was fully aware of the fate that he was to encounter in the coming few days. Jesus was a radical during his time on earth and was prepared to question the justice of events that were happening. He was there for others and was prepared to give up everything to support their cause. It was through his great love that we have such a wonderful example to follow, and I pray that we, too, will have courage to stand up for others when we encounter injustice in our world.

As we come to the end of another “interesting” school Term, I thank all parents for the ongoing support of our endeavours to maintain a safe, positive and happy school environment. This has been a difficult time for many of you and I am ever thankful of the trust and confidence that you place in us to guide and provide the best for your children. Enjoy the break from the school routine, stay safe and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

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  • Congratulations to our swimming team who won the Interschool Carnival at the Aqualife Centre in East Victoria Park last Thursday. There were many outstanding individual events which contributed to a great team performance and a well-deserved victory.

  • Congratulations, also, to our Year Six students who represented our school so well in the Perth Scorchers Woolworths Cricket Blast tournament held at Kent Street High School on Tuesday. Our girls brought back the winners’ pennant in their division and the boys achieved a very creditable third


One of the bonuses of having Easter fall in the middle of the school holidays is that we have three consecutive short working weeks. With ANZAC Day falling on the first day of next Term, our first day back will be Tuesday, 26 April and we will commence our day with a commemorative ANZAC service. All children who are part of service groups, such as Scouts and Guides, are invited to wear their service uniform for the day.


Our school Term concludes for 3 Year Old Kindergarten today, and for all other classes tomorrow. Students and staff are welcome to wear neat casual clothes to celebrate the end of a safe and successful Term. A gold coin donation to support the missions would be appreciated.

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Dear Parents

Throughout the season of Lent, your child may have been collecting money in their Caritas Project Compassion Box. Thank you to those who have collected donations. Please return any donations to the Classroom Teacher before the end of term.

Thank you

Mrs Bradshaw

Assistant Principal


ANZAC Day is celebrated this year on Monday, 25 April. This is a public holiday and then school begins for Term 2 the following day, 26 April. We will be holding our own ANZAC DAY service at 8.50am on this day. The children are invited to wear service medals belonging to family members for this event.

We would like to involve children who are members of scouts, cubs, girl guides or any other affiliated group to have a role in our service. Therefore, they are invited to wear their uniform to represent their organisation on this day and may remain in this for the day unless they wish to change into their school uniform. If your child is a member of one of these groups and would like to be involved in our ANZAC Day service, would you please click on the link below and complete the form.


We have had a fantastic start to the school year in kindy. We have made new friends and renewed friendships from 3 year old kindy.
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We are reading stories and talking about the books. We have been learning letter sounds and completing activities to match the sounds. Here are some of the hands-on activities we have been doing to help reinforce the letter sounds, such as slime tracing letters, poking p in paper, paper making, puppets, trees with beads and train building. We also made nature necklaces and drew on paper under the table for a different way of expressing ourselves.
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During maths we have been focusing on shapes both in activities and in the environment. We made shapes using our friends and became shape detectives and used Geoboards to make shapes.

Looking at patterns we used loose parts and craft and constructions toys to help us.
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We began this term looking at ourselves through photos of us as babies (and played ‘guess who’) as well as drawing selfies from iPad images and looking in the mirror.

Leading up to Easter we have been exploring the story of Jesus at Easter and completed some Stations of the Cross to help us to remember the story.
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We enjoyed having an AWCHWA hospital incursion and learnt about what it would be like to go to hospital and also participated in activities which were play based and fun.
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Mrs Harland & Mrs Hawthorne


Ride2School Day - March 25

Notre Dame CPS participated in Ride2School Day on Friday, March 25. This year was a little bit different due to Covid protocols, so we asked families to organise their own riding and walking groups. All parents and students were met at the gate with some very excited Year 6 helpers who gave out stickers, fruit, prizes and raffle tickets to any students who chose an active travel option. We also had some Year 6 students doing free bike checks with our new repair station to assist with any issues that may come up. Well done to all students and families who participated in the day. We had a large number of younger students take part in the day which was great to see.

If you would like to see some stories about Notre Dame regarding active travel please follow this link to the Your Move site -

In Term 2, we will have Bike Ed programs for our Year 3 students run during P.E lessons on Wednesdays. Information for this will be sent out to Year 3 parents soon.

Golf WA Sessions (4 - 6)

Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to have Jordan from Golf WA run some free golf sessions for our Year 4 - 6 students during P.E lessons. This was a great experience for our kids as they got to take part in some fun team orientated games whilst also learning some basic elements of a golf swing. The kids had a great time, with a few students catching my eye throughout the sessions. If you would like to know more about junior programs around our area, then please go to the website below. Mark Parry is our local contact at Collier Park Golf Course and runs a fantastic junior program all year round -

Interschool Swimming Carnival - Thursday, 31 March

Last Thursday, selected Notre Dame students represented the school at our annual Interschool Swimming Carnival, held at Aqualife Aquatic Centre. This year was a bit different due to Covid protocols where we were unable to have parents attend. This didn't dampen the spirit of our students who came into the day excited for the challenge and determined to do the best for their team. Notre Dame started with a flurry of 1st and 2nd placed results in Year 4 events, which was fantastic to see. We had strong places in also the Year 5 & Year 6 group in our freestyle events, which set up the day for us. We had fantastic team spirit, with the help of Bro. Stephen and Miss Watkins motivating the kids. I could hear the whole team chanting loudly for each swimmer - if there was a trophy for the loudest school then Notre Dame would've definitely taken this out!

The high placed finishers continued throughout the day and kept us in the lead all the way until the final relays. The relay events are a great way to show how well a team can work together and Notre Dame didn't disappoint taking out all 3 year group relays and coming 2nd in the final grand relay - a fantastic effort! I think by now you can realise that Notre Dame took out the Interschool Swimming title for this year. Well done to all students for their fantastic efforts throughout the whole day, as well as Mrs Lawrie, Bro. Stephen & Miss Watkins who were fantastic in assisting our kids and judging events. We also had some excellent individual achievements which has been listed below. Well done, Notre Dame!

Interschool Cricket Carnival - Tuesday, 5 April

Selected Year 6 students participated in the annual Interschool Cricket Carnival held at Kent Street High School. The day is a great way of promoting cricket to our students and playing friendly and competitive games between out Interschool school cluster. The students had a fantastic day, along with Mr Tanham and Mr Webb who get to set out the deck chairs and enjoy some fantastic skills on show by all schools. Well done to both teams who won 3/4 games on the day. The boys team ended up in 3rd place, only losing to the eventual winners, St Emilie's. The girls learnt a lot about running between the wickets in their first game and took this newfound knowledge well to improve each game eventually winning their event. Well done to all students for their fantastic efforts and sportsmanship throughout the day! Many thanks also to the parents who came to support the students.

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Open Race Medals

Girls 50m Buterfly Div B - Aria Davies (1st)

Boys 50m Butterfly Div B - Jack Cleary (1st)

Girls 100m Freestyle Div B - Chloe Davidson (2nd)

Champion Boy & Girl

Year 4 Boys - Zebediah Doubleday (R/UP)

Year 5 Boys - Jack Cleary (Champ)

Year 6 Girls - Emali Davies (Champ)

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Brett Webb

Sports Teacher


The openings times are : Monday & Thursday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm during the term.


Canteen is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Easter Raffles

Thanks to Joanna Barber and her helpers for getting the tickets ready for the Easter Raffle this year and counting all of the money. Good luck to all the classes and the staff, the raffle will be drawn tomorrow.

School Holiday catch up - Free Coffee!!

Unfortunately COVID has impacted on the start of the school year yet again, and the P&F recognises that this will have an effect on all families, but especially those new to our school and those who are just starting their schooling journey at Notre Dame as their opportunities to meet other parents has been limited.

Since the P&F have had to postpone or cancel some of the usual social events we would hold, we wanted to encourage all the classes to still get together where possible to catch up and build those relationships and friendship networks, off school grounds. At the last P&F meeting, the group voted to provide $150 for each year level to purchase coffees during a school holiday catch up. This was offered back in 2020 and worked quite well. The Class Representatives will coordinate this with their classes and let you know the details of the catch ups so keep an eye on your emails and class Facebook pages.

Notre Dame Primary School Containers for Change

As well as recycling your drink bottles at school, you can also assist with fundraising for Notre Dame Primary by donating your 10c refunds from all of your containers at home to the school account.

The scheme ID for Notre Dame Catholic Primary School is C10461063.

Nicole Beresford

Keyed Up Music

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Cloverdale Dental Therapy News

We are now starting to return to routine dental care.

You will be contacted soon, if your child was on the waitlist for fillings. Children that require preventive treatment only, will not be a priority at the moment.

If we need to use the water drill or water ultrasonic cleaner your child will require a saliva RAT prior to treatment. We provide the RAT.

Please continue to us call if you have an emergency on 9479 7222

We will be closed from Friday 15th April to Tuesday 19th inclusive only. We will be open 8am to 4pm, Mon to Fri for the other days during the April school holidays.

If you have an emergency on Tuesday 19th please call Mt Henry DTC from 8:15am to 4:30pm. For emergencies outside of work hours please contact your family dentist or if eligible the emergency service on 1800 098 818

Thank you and have a safe school holidays.

Cloverdale DTC I Dental Health Services

Cloverdale Primary School

180 Fisher Street

Cloverdale 6105

Ph: 08 9479 7222

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