The Strength of Sisters

By Naomi Park

We are sisters.

we did not drown.

It was beautiful and broken.

My sister was gone.

She left to try to save me

how I kept trying not to look at her eyes

Barely able to breathe.

I wanted this pain off my back

I felt alone.

no singing, no breathing

i was weak.

i saw her go

It hurt even to be.

I wanted to find my sister. I wanted to be with her.

I didn’t care about hearing my voice

i wanted to hear Bay’s.

I had to break free from the locks before I could move

Only a sister could do such a thing.

It was a weapon, a beautiful one.

I saw my sister again.

i pulled my sister close

she wrapped her arms around me tight.

It was golden, beautiful, pure, no curses, no fear.

I’ve always known for certain that I love my sister


I love her still.

-From Atlantia By Ally Condie