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Friday, September 22, 2017 - Volume 5

Consequences at Wredling - Part 2

Our job at schools is to help kids grow and learn - academically, socially, and emotionally. We want them to work hard, use their class time effectively, and show their understanding by completing classwork and homework. As parents and educators, we want our students to take full advantage of the learning opportunities that we are giving them.

Our expectation is also that our students show respect to learning, others, and the environment. Think about what those three things mean.

In our Friday Forecast last week, I wrote about the importance of students understanding that there are consequences to our actions. I stated how important it is that we allow our children to face those consequences without being “rescued”.

This year at Wredling, we are going to start some new things that I am going to need your support with. Starting soon, we are going to begin having Saturday School and Saturday Detentions.

  • Saturday School will be for students who are not taking advantage of their opportunities for learning. These are students who are not working in class or are not showing that they can do practice (homework) outside of class.

  • Saturday Detentions will be for those students who are not showing respect to staff, peers, or our environment and property at Wredling.

Both of these will run on Saturdays from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM at first. We may adjust times based on need in the future.

Our goal is not to be too punitive, but to help students realize that there are consequences to their actions. We want to help students learn this while they are young, before they are older and realize that bigger actions have bigger consequences.

Again, we are going to need your support. It may mean that your child has to get up early, miss a game or practice for a sport, or miss a practice for a music group. But we need you to back us in ensuring that your child is on the right path as they go into high school… or more importantly, life! Do I think that this is a golden bullet? No, but I hope it will be a clear message to our students that we have high expectations for them and we know that they can live up to them!


Friendship & Forgiveness:

From our Nurse's Office

Most middle school students want to be popular, but according to recent studies, chasing after popularity can be stressful and unhealthy. It turns out that the skills needed to be popular are often at odds with the skills needed to form healthy friendships. Having one or two good friends in middle school can protect a child against loneliness, increase self-esteem and increase academic engagement and success. Why the greater success in school? It is believed that students who feel secure in the friendship of one or two peers are able to focus more completely on school work, rather than investing their cognitive resources on worrying about what is going on socially among many peers.

The quality of friendships formed during adolescence are also associated with positive long term effects according to newly published research. Studies show that adolescents who had a more intimate bond with one or two good friends as an adolescence reported less social anxiety and reported higher self-worth when they reached their mid-twenties, than their peers who experienced larger but less intimate social networks during adolescence. Parents you can help your children develop the skills for making and keeping close friends. Dr. Kennedy Moore, the author of “Growing Friendships” suggests a few simple strategies to follow. Most importantly however, Dr. Moore emphasizes the need to teach our children to practice forgiveness. Helping your child recognize that all friends make mistakes now and then is important in keeping long-term friendships. Learning to know when to forgive a friend and then learning how to move on as friends from a mistake is the key to having and being a good friend.

Journal of Child Development 2017 ( research findings)

Speed Dating... Books!

There are so many different kinds of books available to our students, our LRC Director has come up with some creative ways to bring them to our student's attention! Some 8th grade LA classes were introduced to Speed Dating... Speed Dating book genres, that is! They were able to spend a few minutes at each table perusing some high-interest titles from different genres. They were encouraged to pick a book to "date" (check out) before moving on to the next table. They could also add titles to a reading list for future checkouts. If they found another book along the way they felt would be a better fit. They could "Ditch their Date" in a box to perhaps check out later.

A Few More Photos...

Are You Going to the Color Run?

Today is the final day to pre-register and guarantee your swag bag goodies!!! Will you be a part of this super fun event on Thursday, October 5th at 5:30 pm? Get your forms filled out online no later than the end of TODAY at www.wredlingpto.org to join in all of the fun and be a part of Wredling's Color Run! Don't forget that pre-registration online ends today! Will your team win ice cream? Will you win any prizes? Be there at the event and find out!!!!! See you all there at The Color Run!!!

Registration Fees On/Before Friday, September 22nd:

  • Wredling Student: $25
  • Adults: $30
  • Wredling Student Teams of Five: $100 or Family Team of Four or More: $100

After TODAY, September 22nd, registration is available only in person, on the day of event, when fees increase by $10/person.

Need to register? Visit the Wredling PTO website for all the info and forms at www.wredlingpto.org

Any other questions contact Kate Bell at cheyennecairo@yahoo.com.

See you there!

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Rotary 4 Literacy Book Fair

Like books? Shop on Sept. 30th and support the Rotary 4 Literacy Book Fair held In partnership with Barnes & Noble. Click here for more details. Get a jump on your holiday shopping!