Hot Chocolate and Tea Social!

GTech Grad Spring Kick off

Do you need more girl time with your fellow female graduate students? Do you enjoy warm beverages in the chilly winter temperatures? Come to the Graduate SWE Hot Chocolate and Tea Social on Thursday. Enjoy hot chocolate, marshmallows, assorted teas, and gingerbread cookies while you meet and chat with other grad girls.

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 4-5pm

Room 343, Student Center, Georgia Tech

GTech's Graduate Society of Women in Engineering

Since established in 1958, SWE at Georgia Tech has actively given women engineering students a unique place and voice within the engineering industry.

The Graduate Chapter of SWE aims to

>Create a community for female graduate students in STEM fields.

>Provide programs, services, and support to the female graduate students of Georgia Tech in STEM fields in areas such as professional development, networking, and mentoring.

>Provide support and promote undergraduate women to pursue graduate education in STEM fields.

SWE is welcome to all, regardless of gender, major, or age.