By Joshua Moran

Working Conditions

Arborist work in many places like National Parks, Collages, Residential areas,and tree nurseries. They work primarily outside in all kinds of weather. They travel all around mostly urban areas. They work in dangerous,high places, so it will help to be Physically fit. Arborist risk injury from falling branches and high voltage power-lines. They also work with chemicals such as insecticides that may also be dangerous, So they wear Protective clothing, eye wear, and gloves. Arborist work in groups and is always under supervision.


For a Entry wage you Get $11.76 a hour which on average makes $24,460 a year

For a median wage you get $14.08 a hour which on average makes $29,290 a year

For a experienced wage you get $19.55 a hour which on average makes 40,660 a year.


There is no Standard way to become An Arborist. It mostly depends on the employer,the state, and the job description. Utility companies usually require Arborist to have bachelor'degree in arboriculture, horticulture, forestry, landscape architecture, or a related area.

The likes and dont likes of the job.


  • Low education for the job
  • The money
  • see new places

  • The traveling
  • easy to get hurt