How do we end poverty even though it's rapidly increasing?

What is Poverty?

Poverty is the condition where people have little or no money. They lack the basic needs of life, such as: clothing, food, shelter, or water. It is also called being poor. Poverty can be seen anywhere. It can be seen from Africa to the US. A person dies almost every four seconds from being in poverty. Every plan that has been made hasn't worked. How can we end the struggle and problems that happen everyday while it is increasing all the time?


  • People can get into poverty by debt
  • Actions that people may have done in the past.
  • The economy that a country may have.
  • High prices and taxes that are given to the poor
  • Women can get into poverty easily because of men that leave them or divorce them
  • Family history where a lot of people in the past have been in poverty
  • Being laid off
  • Low paying jobs
  • Low income
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • A big disaster that happens in the country, like a tsunami


  • The rate of poverty is increasing
  • Almost 3 billion people are poor ( and increasing)
  • The people that get into poverty are powerless
  • The government tries to help out, but every plan has not worked
  • A lot of poverty has increased in the world
  • Kids in poverty tend to be sick
  • Kids that are born tend to have disabilities
  • Poverty is hard to get out of
  • It is a cycle that keeps on going
  • Stress is produced
  • People don't have a social status


"Wishing I was more eloquent with my wording, but here it goes. I live off grid. I supply all of my own needs. I do not receive food stamps or federal assistance. I am getting heath insurance for the first time in a couple decades. I use solar, catchment water and wood for heating. Poverty isn't a bad thing, It just shows you what you really need, not what is to be desired. My motto: 'have what you need and need what you have'." -Eugene in Taos, New Mexico

"For seven years, I lived on $500 a month. The cost of taxes on my small home was more than $200 monthly. Volunteering was the only "recreation" I could afford. I feel rich when I have food."

- Sharon Dory in Mendocino County

"I don't need a chart. I've been on my own since I was 17, and I've never made more than the federal poverty level.

I have horrific health problems which can't be treated. I've been homeless for about a year and, all told, much of that was while I was employed but not making enough to make ends meet.

I tried to go to college. I worked 60 hours a week at minimum wage jobs and pulled a full load at college. I had a 3.75 GPA, but I to drop out to take care of younger siblings."

–Amanda in North Carolina


  • Many third world countries have people in poverty. Like third world countries in Africa.
  • The wealth is distributed poorly in Saudi Arabia because the king gets a lot of money while some of the country starves and is in poverty.


  • Even though most plans haven't worked foods stamps can help the hungry and people in poverty
  • More foundations and non profit charities could be produced
  • Programs can lift people out of poverty
  • Governmental actions can help
  • If more peolpe start to help people in poverty, less people with start to become in poverty