Cold, Dry, Dark Winters, Burrrr

Climate Location

The location for the Tundra ranges from 60° to 75° north. The temperature is from -22°C to 6°. The Tundra extends from North America, the Hudson Bay Region, Greenland coast.

Yearly Precipitation

The average precipitation for the tundra is 20cm. The tundra gets only 6 to 10 inches a year. This makes it very cold and dry. Most of its precipitation falls in the summer. The month that gets the most precipitation is july.

Seasons and Temperature Range

The two seasons in the tundra are cold. Summer only last six to ten weeks. Winter lasts longer. The winter comes in long freezing months when the sun hardly rises. The temperature here ranges from 7 to 12 degrees C.

Factors Affecting Climate

A lot of Factors affect the climate, such as latitude, temperature, and the mix of land and water. The Earth's axis even affects it too. Because the Earth is tilted it affects the seasons and what they do. For enstence, in the summer there are longer days because the sun hit the land, and in the winter there is longer nights because the earth is pointing away from the sun.