Italian Culture

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La Vacanza (Holidays)

  • Italy and America both celebrate Christmas (Italians believe in a nice witch named Befana instead of Santa Claus). Kids in Italy open all their gifts on Christmas Eve, while kids in America open their gifts on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, Italians eat a big fish dinner and then go to church. In the same way as Americans, Italians also celebrate by watching t.v or playing video games, just spending time with each other.
  • On Easter in Italy they celebrate it by eating chocolate for breakfast and attending a a mass. They day after Easter Sunday, which is Easter Monday is also celebrate by eating Easter leftovers. Another thing thats really interested is for the whole Easter weekend everyone has work off. In America, some people celebrate it, others don’t. Also not everyone has work off in America, some people still have to work. Lastly, in America there is no such thing as “Easter Monday”.
  • Another holiday that Italy also celebrates is New Years Eve. On New Years Eve, Italians celebrate it by going to concerts or restaurants, and/or parties. In America, most of us spend New Years Eve with a party and watching the ball drop. Or they go to New York to watch the ball drop.

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  • In Italy, school is required from ages 6 to 16 years old. Most of Italians go to school, unlike some people who drop-out in America. Similarly to America, private schools are ran by Catholics. The way school is set up is 5 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, and 3 to 5 years of high school. In order to pass or go to the next “level” you have to do exams and pass them. In most areas, school is from Monday to Saturday, on the other hand school in America is Monday to Friday. During lunch time for everyone in Italy, they all go home and eat and take a nap, then go back. There are 50 universities in Italy, the cost in Italy is way cheaper than the U.S. The graduation age is usually around the age of 19.

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A class in Italy

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The Monument of Mona Lisa

  • Mona Lisa is a famous portrait in art. The person who created this master piece was Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503, and finished it in 1506. The Mona Lisa was a portrait of Francesco Del Giocondo’s wife. The picture shows La Gioconda sitting remaining calm and simple. Most of Leonardo’s portraits features mysterious smiles. One interesting thing is, Mona Lisa is short for Madonna Lisa, which means my lady, Lisa.

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L' Alloggio (Housing)

A lot of people in Italy live in famous cities like, Venice. People in Venice, unlike us driving around in cars, take canals to get around their city. Some families for the rest of their lives live in rented apartments. For apartments they don't call them appartamento, they call them casa. In the South & center of Italy, most houses include balconies, which families grow plants. Some families live in villas, which are houses covered with brick with white of cream paint, painted over it with red-tiled roof.

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A villa in italy

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