What's Kickin' in Kindergarten?!

April 11th - April 15th

Keeping Fit book

Flipped Video

After listening to the book called "Keeping Fit," have your child write 5 sentences about staying fit. Be sure to include a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences and a closing sentence. Your child's teacher sent home a writing page today for your little one to use to complete this important writing homework.

Phonics, Vocabulary, and Sight Words

Phonics- long A, long I, long O, long U, long E , review digraphs

Vocabulary- muscles, bones, healthy, germ, excercise, fitness

Sight Words-Week 1: were, when, how

Week 2: there, your, friend, want

Week 3: where, some, boy, girl

Week 4: now, why, that


iN THIS HEALTH BASED UNIT, STUDENTS WILL READ A VARIEY OF FICTION AND NON-FICTION LITERATURE ABOUT THE SENSES. Studets will be able to tell why people have bones and muscles and locate the human heart. Through writing, students will be able to identify behaviors that keep a body healthy such as physical activity, sleep, good nutrition, and hygiene.

Math Topic 14 Identifing and Describing Shapes

In this topic we will:

* identify and describe rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, hexagons

*identify and describe cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres and relate them to real-life objects

*identify three-demensional figures and describe the shape of flat surfaces


rectangle, side, corner

square, circle, triangle, hexagon

cone, cylinder, sphere, cube


April 14 - Great Skate Night 6:15-8:15

April 16 - Falcon 5K and Frenzy Run, 9:00 am

April 22 - Young Author's Day

April 29 - Field Trip to the Zoo

April 29 - Mom Prom, 6 - 8:00 pm

Zoo Field Trip Reminder

Please be sure to send your child's permission slip and $6.00 CASH ONLY in an envelope marked with your child's name and teacher A.S.A.P. If you are volunteering to go, please let us know as soon as possible. ALL volunteers MUST have a background check.



You must enter the building from the main office and get a sticker. We must be vigilant for our children's safety. At this point in the school year, they do not need to be escorted to class. Staff is stationed throughout the building to help students get where they need to be.

Thank you for helping make Fairmount safe and secure.

Dr. Sharp






Friday- A

Raz-Kids Logins by teacher

Mrs. Versemann - rversemann1

Mrs. Bee - bbeed

Mrs. Olivares - bolivares3

Mrs. Trask - ctrask0

Miss Swalley - jswalley0

Mrs. Hayes -bhayes17

Miss Garner - Sgarner6

Mrs. Stephens - kstephens0

Mrs. Schierholz -kleonhard1

Star Students:

Bee-Clarissa K.

Swalley-Quinn B.

Stephens-Leo P.

Garner-Jonathan H.

Versemann-Sammie G.

Hayes-Audrey N.

Olivares-Karsyn B.

Trask-Jeremiah R.

Schierholz-Molly R.