Fifth Grade News

October 14, 2016

Dates to Remember

Tutoring/Work Completion Sessions

Mrs. Isaac will offer tutoring Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 7:45 for additional help.

Mrs. James will offer tutoring on Thursdays at 7:45. Please let me know if your child will attend.

October 17-19 Diapers, wipes, & ointment collection for the North Gwinnett Co-Op

October 21 Decimal Test (Multiplication & Division)

  • Hero Day - for a donation of $5 or more, students may come to school dressed as their favorite hero. Please talk to your child about the qualities of a REAL hero. This is NOT a Halloween Celebration.

October 26-28 IOWA Testing

Friday Folders

Please review your child's Friday Folder and return to school Monday. Please sign and return the Heredity Test.

Language Arts

  • I can identify complex and compound sentences and write them correctly.
  • I can identify and understand figurative language.
  • I can use a comma in a sentence appropriately.
  • I can use description in my writing.
  • I can identify the structure of a text.
  • I can identify the main idea of a story and paragraph.
  • I can use the roots script- and scrib- to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Scholastic Book Order

Thank you so much to all who ordered books! Our goal of $300.00 by the end of September has been met! I am so excited to order some new titles for our classroom library. If you would still like to order books, feel free at any time. By ordering Scholastic Books online, we earn points to go toward the purchase of books for the classroom. Please go to to order your books. The classroom code is GWY4Y.


Multiplication and Division Decimal Unit

  • I can fluently multiply and divide decimals to the hundredths.
  • I can fluently multiply and divide powers of ten.
  • I can recognize and explain the ascending and descending characteristics of place value.

We began our unit on multiplying and dividing decimals. This week students learned how to multiply decimals using models. We also worked on multiplying and dividing with Powers of 10.

Next week we will learn how to multiply and divide decimals using the standard algorithm.

The Unit Test is scheduled for next Friday.

Social Studies

Due Process, Civics and Bill of Rights Unit

  • I can explain the responsibilities of a citizen.
  • I can explain the freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights.
  • I can explain the concept of due process of the law.
  • I can describe how the Constitution protect's a citizens rights by due process.
  • I can explain the amendment process outlined in the constitution.
  • I can describe the purpose for the amendment process.

Please have students use Quizlet to review Amendments and Turn of the Century Vocabulary.

This 9 Weeks we will be learning about events related to the Turn of the Century.

We will continue learning about Amendments and begin learning about Westward Expansion.


Microorganisms Unit

This week we began our unit on Microorganisms.

  • I can identify harmful and beneficial microorganisms (microbes).
  • I can explain why a microorganism (microbe) is harmful or beneficial.
  • I can determine the role of anti-bacterial agents that promote health.

Please have students use Quizlet to review Microorganisms.


Access to Mrs. Isaac's Quizlet account

Students working on Reconstruction Projects in the computer lab.

Cell Cookie Activity

Our Cookie Cell activity was a success! Thank you for sending in supplies or volunteering in the classroom! I also want thank Miriam Workman for baking the cell cookies!

Contact Us

Mrs. Isaac

Please check out my class website. It will be a useful tool for students to access AKS content throughout the school year. It will be linked to eCLASS as soon as my account is set up.

Mrs. James

I am looking forward to a great first year at Level Creek! I am excited to work with you and your children.

Diaper Drive


Level Creek will be collecting diapers (larger sizes) and supplies (wipes/ointment) on

Monday, Oct 17th-Wednesday Oct 19th.

Each year we participate in Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service sponsored by the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services. The diapers will go to help build the diminishing supplies of the North Gwinnett Co-Op in Buford. What a wonderful way to build the character and leadership of our children through service!

Diapers/supplies can be dropped off at the counselor’s office

United Way

Friday, Oct. 21st
“Hero Day”

For more than a century, United Way of Metro Atlanta has helped those in need. Your donation stays in Gwinnett County and helps to ensure that:
    babies are born healthy
    children enter school ready to learn and graduate prepared for careers
    young people avoid risky behaviors
    families are self-sufficient
    people have access to health care
    homeless people are housed within one year

On Friday, October 21st, your child has the opportunity to be a HERO and help United Way. For a donation of $5.00 or more, students may come to school dressed up as their favorite hero.

*Please note that this is not a Halloween Celebration and students should not come dressed up as monsters, etc. Talk to your child about the qualities of a real hero. Your child may also donate and be a hero without dressing up since the act of giving is truly heroic. Donations will be collected in the classroom.

Children's Original Art

Your child has created an original artwork in art class. You have an
opportunity for this artwork to be put on various products, such as mugs,
ornaments, phone covers, etc that you can purchase from Square 1
Art. These items make great one of a kind gifts for family and friends,
and they will be delivered to your child before the Thanksgiving break
(just in time for the holidays!). You can order online or send
the order form in to your teacher. Please add 6% tax to your order.
Contact Kathryn Adams at with any questions.

This is a fundraiser that goes toward paying for the Fifth Grade tile wall.

Important Dates:
October 21 - Order deadline
November 16 - Products delivered to your child's classroom