A Warriors Heart

By Seth Fox


It started out when he was a boy that all he wanted was a adventure. He thought that he was born in the wrong time ,and that there were no more adventures left. Until he heard about colledge ,and he was told that was where his adventure would begin. So he got good grades and and did what he had to do to get to colledge.

He eventually got to colledge where he got chances to go on missions with some colliges to make a difference or to make things better and to help people. One trip was to hong kong to teach chinese people to speak english. There he learned martial arts from a wise teacher. When he passed and finished the class the teacher gave him a sword and nun chucks. While he was there he was given photos of june 4th (a bad day) fromone of his students.

Later on he chose to go in to the navy seals or BUD/S (he had to work for). Where he had to go to the tips of his limits to achieve his goal in Navy Seals or BUD/s. One week in piticulure was called "Hell Week" where they endured surf torture and many other extremly hard tasks for five nights. One night they had to swim in water that had many great white shark population around th piece of land. in the end he talks about how you too can have your aventure not like his but your own and that your adventure is what you make it.

Three Things Eric Would Take With him