A Christmas Carol Background

Jhett Ebel

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born and raised in Hampshire, England on February 7th, 1812 and died on June 19th, 1870. Charles Is know through history as a famous Author, one of his books being A Christmas Carol. His Career started off when he was hired to write a story which was called Picken Papers
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The Industrialization revolution was the start of machinery we use know. This was kicked off when John Kay invented the flying shuttle for looms in 1733. And was later expanded upon by James Haurgreves who created the spinning Jenny, Which made yarn and wove clothes together.
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Victorian Era/Age

The Victoria Era/age started when King William IV died and his niece, Victoria, Became Queen. During her Reign, The British Empire covered about one-fifth of the earth mass. Also during her reign, Science and art evolved rapidly
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Child Labor & Poverty.

Child labor was a common thing back in the 1800, when children were forced to earn money for their family to survive or to get them out of debt.