FSUSD Ed Tech Specialists

Coaching and supporting teachers integrating techonology

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Teachers Supporting Teachers

Educational Technology Specialists (Ed Techs) are classroom teachers on special assignment. Ed Techs offer the teachers at their assigned schools several opportunities each month for 1-on-1 and small group, personalized and differentiated assistance with technology lesson-integration, home-school outreach, and professional-use support.

In addition to direct teacher support in 1-on-1 and small group settings at school sites, the Ed Techs regularly co-teach with or do demonstration lessons for their teachers so that they can give their teachers a chance to experiment and test out new ideas and lesson styles, but also so that the classroom teachers can model exploratory learning, and persevering through mistakes and challenges for students.

All of the Ed Techs provide professional development and training on an on-going basis throughout the district, both at school sites and at the central office. The topics of these training vary from new teaching methodologies to digital tool familiarity.

FSUSD Teacher Testimonials About Their Ed Tech Specialists