Kindergarten News

Ms. Quick's Class

January 15, 2015

This week in Class...

Reading: We worked on the letter Ff and did a lot of reviewing of all the sight words. We continued to work on stretching out the sounds in CVC words (i.e cat, big, dad...). The class continues to improve on sounding out a single word given to them but they fall apart when asked to sound out a word in something they are reading or writing. We also introduced the "Secret 'E'gent". The class learned that the secret egent (silent e) can be seen but not heart and makes the vowel say it's name. They really grasped this concept quickly.

Writing: We started a different kind of writing this week instead of journal writing. The students are given a prompt and asked to answer the question or expand what they know. I will ask them to use sight words and sound out words to write a sentence on the sheet and as extra practice, they can write more at home with you! I'm hoping this will boost confidence in the students' writing abilities!

Math: We continued in Module 6 this week focusing on addition. We will finish Module 6 next week and start 7 soon after.

Science: This week the class learned about wood and paper. They were able to sand wood and look at how different wood responds to water. They also looked at some different types of paper and created their own paper at the end of the week, What a messy project!

What's Coming up Next Week?

Next week's...

Letters: B

Sight words: no, but, as, of

Theme: Space

Reminders: No School Monday 18th

The Elementary School has gone Live with announcements. You can now watch the children give the announcements at 8:05 each morning. We have the 5th graders doing it right now but we should be going through the grades as we get more comfortable with it! Check it out!