FEBRUARY 17, 2014

February 17th is random acts of kindness day. This is a day to fully give yourself to others. To treat others how you would want to be treated.

Some examples of random acts of kindness.

  1. prepare a meal for a homeless person
  2. smile :)
  3. put change in the washer/dryer for the next person
  4. buy a little extra grocery for the local food bank
  5. write a thank you letter to your parents
  6. pay the toll for the person behind you
  7. tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window
  8. make some baked goods for your neighbor(s)
  9. hug your loved ones for no particular reason
  10. make breakfast for your partner or housemate
  11. call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  12. give someone a flower …or a dozen
  13. offer someone else your seat on the bus/train
  14. visit a senior center or nursing home
  15. pick up trash
  16. donate one of your favorite possessions
  17. collect clothes to take to a local shelter
  18. stop to have a conversation with a homeless person
  19. leave your favorite book in a public place with a note
  20. visit an animal shelter
  21. volunteer at a soup kitchen
  22. build a home with Habitat for Humanity
  23. pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru
  24. buy dessert for someone eating out alone
  25. pick up the tab for a random table at a restaurant
  26. visit an orphanage with some goodies
  27. hold the elevator
  28. take some soup or hot chocolate to a homeless person
  29. let someone get ahead of you in line
  30. babysit for a single parent