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Finally! An easy way to webpage!

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Welcome to Edlio!

Rutherford County Schools is excited to announce that it is moving to an easy to use, consistent communication tool with Edlio webpages. Teachers can now update their webpage from any device. Parents and students have the option to subscribe to the teacher’s site and receive push notifications. In this session, teachers will create a page, update their profile, add assignments to their class calendar, build picture or video galleries, and more. Teachers will be amazed at how easy and fast this communication process can be.

Bell Work:

* Log in to computer

* Open Google Chrome and navigate to our homepage

* Under Academics, go to Teacher Resources--Quick Links--Edlio Webpage

* On homepage tab, scroll to the bottom where the Login button is and right click the "Login with Office 365" button to open in a new tab. (See picture below)

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Session Objectives:

*Login to the Edlio site

*Change your profile picture (if necessary)

*Create your landing page (if necessary)

*Discuss Dashboard and features under each

*Create a link to an external web page

*Upload a file attachment

*Review personal calendar options in Edlio

*Discuss the subscription feature and benefits
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Success Criteria

* I can login Edlio at school and know the process for logging in at home

* I can create a new page and share information with parents and students

* I can add external pages (if needed)

* I can add calendar events

* I can add different types of posts

* I can find my contacts (those who have subscribed) & see stats for my page

* I can add information to my club page (if applicable)

Task 1: Login and update your Profile Picture or information (if necessary)

*Login with Office 365 from the bottom of the page (see Bellwork above)

*Select Account- Profile- My Photo- pencil

*Select from your computer- browse and locate your faculty picture in Teacher Apps

*NOTE: The Microsoft OneDrive is NOT linked with your school and work account so this is not a valid option

*Select Crop and Save

Task 2: Open Landing Page

* Add a file (you can rename the file name after it is uploaded)

* Add a picture (**Must add Alt text for a picture or picture will not publish on the website.)

Task 3: Look at Dashboard

* Discuss various features you can add to your page




**External Pages

* Look at Contact Lists (as students and parents subscribe, you will see this populate)

Task 4: Calendar

* Add an event (you can add text, files, pictures, etc. to an event)

* Click 'Save'

* Go back to your page (in other tab) and refresh your page to see how a Calendar link has been added now that an event is added.

**Student and Parents may subscribe to your calendar events

Task 5: Posts

* On the dashboard, click on Posts

* Experiment with adding various types of Posts (see picture below)

* Go back to your live page and refresh to see how this looks

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Task 6: Contact Lists & Stats

* Open Contact Lists (on your dashboard

* When students/parents subscribe to your page, you will see a list being populated.

**You can also see if the students have used their school email address.

**You can delete contacts as necessary

*Go back to your dashboard

*Open Stats (you will find how many 'hits', etc. your page is getting.

Task 7: Twitter Feed (if applicable)

* If you have a Twitter feed for your class, open a new tab and log into your Twitter account.

* Generate a widget

* Customize the widget's length

* Copy the embed code

* Add a Text Content box on Landing page and click the source code (<>) button

* Paste the embed code

* View your page

Click here for a tutorial on how to embed.