The South Carolina Colony

By Edward Sychuk


Have you ever heard of the South Carolina colony? Well there's a lot you don't know. First, is the palmetto state its the most important state in South Carolina it is shaped like a leaf and it's the first spot founded by the native Americans. seconed, is the native Americans they founded South Carolina about 10,000 years ago. Native Americans were really smart people. Third, is settlers and explorers one was Christopher Columbus he was important he was one of the first explorers to find South Carolina. Those are three cool topics you can learn a lot about South Carolinas history.

The Plametto State

The palmetto state is one of the most important state in South Carolina. It's a small state but important a cool fact is its shaped like a leaf its famous for its beautiful plants for thousands of years native Americans were the only people in the palmetto state. In these times Charleston founded a town in palmetto witch is know as Charles town. He also founded South Carolina when he did it became one of the thirteen colonies. In these times the palmetto state had many disease. Like yellow fever Leading to death South Carolina had a tragic history. With many dead. Then colonial people pushed the native Americans and had war and won the war they claimed South Carolina there's . As they stole everything from the native Americans and started a new life. Now you see how cool and important the Palmetto state is.

Native Americans

Native Americans were a big part of history. They came to south South Carolina about 10,000 years ago. Native Americans made many things to help survive like spearheads, log forts, and shelter. They used a lot of wood mostly because there was a lot of trees they also used bark for there squarish homes also leaves and grass were often used. As also they need food men did all the hunting they hunted deer, bear, turkey, and ducks they caught trout, bass, sturgeon and lots more the men also did the farming as well as the boys.The woman cleaned, cooked, they got berries like plums, cherries, blackberries, nuts, and strawberries usually anything they could find. Children milked the cow, made butter and boys hunted and farmed as well as made traps. Girls sewed, spined, and did a lot of cleaning. The native Americans were smart people and they lived a good long life.

Settlers and Explorers

Settlers and explorers were brave people. One was Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. They actually were on the same voyage as they set sail for days finally, they reached land. As Christopher Columbus thought they were in the west Indies but Amerigo Vespucci knew they were in South Carolina. Then a ship led by Francisco Gordillo first discovered South Carolina. As he became a good man by finding gold and silver. As also King Charles the 1 was one too. In this time South Carolinas size increased. King Charles the 1 had part of the voyage that the explorers went on he gave them a ship, a crew , and supplies. Not much later King Charles the 1 died and his son took over as King in those times Carolina was spelled like this carolana then one day he was spelling random words and spelled Carolana like this Carolina then changed it to the way we write it today. There are some cool and brave people.


Now you know a lot about South Carolinas history. Remember First, is the one and only Palmetto state founded by Charleston. second is the Native Americans they were cool smart and brave people they were a big part of history. Finally, is the settlers and explorers they were amazing brave people. Now you know about the Palmetto state and the native Americans and first explorers and settlers of South Carolina.


Squarish- Having a shape that is almost like a square.

Voyage- A long journey to a distance or unknown place especially over water or through outer space.

Yellow fever- A serious disease that causes fever and often yellowing of the skin.


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