Friday Focus

JSE Staff December 4th

A "100% effort" award goes to Sandy and our kitchen staff for their time in making our festive decorating on Friday yummy for all! 'Tis the Season at JSE!

And thank you Joe for our morning holiday music! My favorite!
In the spirit of giving, it is that time of year to support United Way in their commitment to our community. I have put information in your mailbox, please turn in your form to the envelope outside my door.


Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday or a wonderful Monday morning!

Thank you for taking the time to address this month's building characteristics that address our focus on growing the whole-child.

Our Holiday Show will debut this Wednesday evening. Darlene~ there is a light at the end of the tunnel! A HUGE thank you to all of the extra time and effort you have put into this evening! I appreciate everyone's willingness to try another approach to support and praise our students during the all school choir rehearsals. The change in supervision also provides increased structure and engagement in preparing for our final debut. Thank you all for being a part of a memory that will last a life-time for our students and families!

Continuous improvement in our practice: Our mission as professionals

Thursday we will gather as a staff to learn more about our 14-15 school grade as well as the new grade configuration for this year. With the additional data and information, we will delve back into our action plan to ensure we are addressing indicated focus areas. Again, I thank you for your commitment to making JSE the top-notch learning environment we are all proud to be a part of!

Heads Up: My principal mentor group will visit Friday morning, I will give them a tour and we will briefly pop-in to a few classrooms.

Have a great week!


Professional Development

  • Math Focus : Thank you K-2 and 3-5 teams for finishing the dissection of grade level vocabulary terms from the vocab glossary. After winter break we will address our plan for having discussions around the highlights of "Classroom Discussions in Math".
  • PL221: The google shared running note doc has become an excellent way to communicate where each committee is in reaching goals and addressing needs. As you continue to meet to address the updated areas please add additional notes and share with collaborators. Our Google Classroom is also an excellent place to share information from your collaborations.
  • Ren Learn Data Meetings Wrap-up before Winter Break: Data Meeting information was e-mailed to you, please let me know if you need me to resend the web-ex link to you. The next testing windows with be on the Google calendar shortly.
  • Thursday: 14-15 School Grade to 15-16 plan of action
  • Friday Meeting with Mike: Grades K-2

Teach Like a Champion refresher... “We” Techniques...

The pdf below provides an excellent and QUICK summary of Doug Lemov's, Teach Like a Champion. Purposeful and Intentional: Technique 1: NO OPT OUT,Technique 2: RIGHT IS RIGHT,Technique 3: STRETCH IT, Technique 4: FORMAT MATTERS, Technique 5: WITHOUT APOLOGY, Technique 6: BEGIN WITH THE END, Technique 7: 4 M's, Technique 8: POST IT, Technique 9: SHORTEST PATH,Technique 10: DOUBLE PLAN,Technique 11: DRAW THE MAP, Technique 12: THE HOOK, Technique 13: NAME THE STEPS, Technique 14: BOARD=PAPER and Technique 15: CIRCULATE This week take a look at Technique 16: BREAK IT DOWN

*I have included the summary below:

"When students don’t understand, break down the material into its parts to focus on the problematic area. Champion teachers don’t simply repeat the question, they think about the part of the material that most likely caused the confusion and ask smaller, simpler questions about this part. The goal is to provide the smallest hint possible and do it quickly.

This is a challenging technique and it is best to prepare for this during planning by considering possible wrong answers and cues to use for those errors. There are many ways to break down the material, such as the suggestions below:" (This is part of our RISE Rubric: anticipate student misunderstanding and preemptively address them.)

• Provide an example. If asking for the definition of a prime number, provide an example, “7 is one, but 8 is not.”

• Provide context. To help a student who does not understand ancient, “I hope nobody ever calls me ancient.”

• Provide the missing (or first) step. “What do we always do when the numerator is larger than the denominator?”

• Eliminate false choices. “If it were a verb, it would be an action. Is owner an action?”

I encourage you to skim through these and include them in your instruction next week. Just a plain ol' good refresher!


  • All school choir rehearsals supervision reset per staff meeting
  • Include DOK questions in lesson plans for observations.
  • Check out our google classroom...Thanks for continuing to share!
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize CSL: Maintain Focus and Bucket-filling Trait: Giving
  • Review the techniques above!
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!