End of Year Everything

Longbranch Elementary 16.17

March 1st---Did you work?

Everyone should fill out this form so we can keep track of our March 1st makeup day: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/162IZQIAL6byepiJIj3aazs-NdSRtdS8OcLgkh2uLeLo/edit#gid=0

BOBs and LOBs

  • It's my understanding that there's a passup plan. Get large rubberbands from Heidi. Package student BOB, LOB, Leadership Notebook, and Writing folder with rubberband. Pass to next year's team leader.
  • 3rd and 4th graders are keeping their own BOBs for next year.
  • Incoming 3rd will get new BOBs in the fall.
  • 5th graders, empty the BOBs and keep here. We will use them next year when BOBs break.

Writing Reflection Sheets---May

Sent via email from Kegley.
All students K-5 should complete and place in communication folder.
Also available here: https://sites.google.com/a/boone.kyschools.us/leadlearners/home/writingreflectionsheets

Leadership Notebook Contents--May

  • Every grade level can send home the contents of the celebration section of the leadership notebooks. 5th grade can send home all the contents of the notebook but KEEP the notebook itself to send to 1st grade.
  • At the end of the year, send the notebooks to the next grade level, so that students can continue to use their leadership notebooks in the upcoming school year. Teachers and students can review the contents at the beginning of the year in an effort to be familiar with the previous years’ focus and set goals for the school year.
  • As new enroll in the upcoming year or in the situation of a notebook that breaks, the action team will ask for a count of how many new notebooks will need to be ordered so that each child has a leadership notebook for the upcoming year.

If you have any questions, please refer to anyone on our action team or your grade level’s rep as listed below.

K/1: Robin Jones

2: Kathy Molen

3: Pat Lucia

4: Candace Heinze or Nicki Sagastegui

5: Jennie Wagoner

Kinder Celebration of Learning--May 22nd at 6pm

All staff welcome to attend.

K/1 Field Day--May 22

2nd and 1st swap lunches

9-11 am

Maddux am

Fischer am

Clayton am




1-3 pm

Maddux pm

Fischer pm

Clayton pm





2/3/4/5 Field Day--May 23

9-11 am

4th and 5th grade

1-3 pm

2nd and 3rd grade

5th Grade Promotion--May 24th at 5:30pm

All staff are encouraged to attend.

Summer Programs and Summer Reading--June and July

Stacie will be coordinating One Book One Summer. She will have book baggies for each child. They are expected to read the books during the summer. We are expected to have a "back to school" activity to connect the book to new learning.

Students will have access to Lexia, Dreambox, and Reading Plus over the summer but there will not be an interventionist to assist them. They will be re-assessed when they return to school so they may be placed at a lower level when they return than where they left off (especially if they have assistance during the summer).

Summer school will run in June only for students who scored Novice at the end of the year. That's 10% of our kids in reading and 5% of our kids in math. The district is sending the invitations. Our summer school will be at Erpenbeck and we'll be with Erpenbeck, Mann, New Haven, Yealey, and our students.

Students can take AR tests at the Boone County Library through July 28th.

Last Day, Hooray!!

Last Day Meeting: Students report to the gym at 8:30am. Will last for about an hour.
T-Shirt Signing: 10am to 10:30am only (PM K can hold their own session in the afternoon)
5th Grade Walk: Begins at 3:15pm. Students line halls at 3:10pm.
Final Farewell: Be at buses by 3:40pm to wave goodbye to the students.

PD Day--May 25th

8am to 2:15pm
District grading practices training
Lunch by the PTA

May 26/March 1st

If you worked March 1st, you are off this day. If you did not work, you'll be making up your time today.

Buck Institute PBL Training--May 30, 31, June 1

At Longbranch
Still waiting to hear about start times.

Optional District Edcamp--June 2

· June 2nd PD

· Location: Ockerman Middle

· Doors open at 7.

· Keynote speaker: Jim Detwiler from 8 – 8:20

· Each session is 1 hour. There are 4 sessions.

· After sessions, there is a networking/evaluations session for a half hour. Each attendee must stay to complete the evaluation in order to get credit for coming to the session. When teachers complete this, they are also entered into a drawing to give away at the end of the day. (Chromebooks, device cases, etc. for prizes.)

· Visit this site for more information: https://sites.google.com/a/boone.kyschools.us/bcs-professional-learning-day-2017/home

· No stipend. Can only use for flex for the 2017-2018 school year.

PBIS Summer Training--June 8 and 9

Don't know where
Don't know when

Summer SCM Refresher

If you are on the SCM Team (aka Calm Crew), please sign up.

Safe Crisis Management Recertification 2017

Erika Out of Office for Summer

May 26: SCM training
May 30-June 1: Buck training
June 7 and 8: PBIS training
June 12 and 13: TLIM Principal Development Program
June 14 and 15: NISL
June 26-29: ISTE and Vacation
July 3-7: Vacation
July 10-14: Vacation
July 25 and 26: Leadership Conference

Back to School Dates

Week of July 31: Porch Pop Ins
Aug 7 and 8: New Teacher Orientation
Aug 9: Meet the Teacher Night (all grades)
Aug 11: Empowering Instruction with William
Aug 14: Opening Day
Aug 15: PD Day
Aug 16: Kids' First Day