Ava Faulkinberry

Who am I?

All About me

I am smart and kind,

I wonder what will happen to me in my life,

I hear God,

I want to be a teacher,

I am smart and kind.

I pretend to sleep,

I feel happy,

I touch my phone,

I worry about my family,

I cry about family members who die,

I am smart and kind.

I understand people,

I say what I believe in,

I dream about when I am older,

I try to do things to the world that will help it,

I hope I will have a great life,

I am smart and kind.

6 Word Memoir

Be yourself because God made you!!!!!!


I love my family,

Leave everything to God,

I like to read.

I never give up.

A Story that touches my Heart

I love the story "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer. This story is about a girl name Linch Cinder. She is a cyborg and a Lunar but she doesn't know she is a Lunar.a Lunar is an alien from the moon. This story is about a Linch meeting a prince and she likes him. The Lunar Queen knows how Cinder really is and puts her in prison after. She still loves the prince as much as she always did. In the second book she is fighting for him.
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My favorite Book- See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles 4x4 Summary

One Family, four kids,

She loves her brother,

Her family is mourning,

it brings them together.

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