NCMS Collection Development Plan


Mission Statement

The mission of the NCMS media center is to provide students an avenue to explore the world beyond their neighborhood.

Student Data

The library serves as an additional means of support for the students. The following data was collected as a way to inform purchasing decisions.

  • Student Surveys and interest interviews
  • Teacher wish lists
  • Administrative surveys
  • EVAAS data
  • Benchmark data

Curriculum Ties

Based on the student data collected above, the following curriculum areas have been identified as collection development priorities:

Collection Analysis (Dec 2013)

NC Essential Standards (Jan 2014)

Stakeholder Validation

Because the library serves the entire school community, the following stakeholders were involved in this development plan:

Students - are directly affected by the collection

Teachers - influence the ways in which students use



Community members


Because library collections exist to serve the needs of students, they will be marketed in the following ways to ensure that they reach the very learners that they target.

Book talks in classrooms (starting 2nd six weeks)

imovie commercials to advertise series of books or new books (starting 2nd six weeks)

Faculty Meetings


Because research shows that students who have access to high quality library collections that have been curated by qualified school library media coordinators, the following steps will be taken to connect access to these materials to student learning: