Red River Carts

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The red river cart was a large two-wheeled cart made entirely of non-metallic materials. Often drawn by oxen, though also by horse or mules, these carts were used throughout most of the 19th century in the fur trade and in westward expansion in canada and the united states.

some good examples of a red river cart

advantages & disadvantages!

some good advantages of the red river cart are that its made entirely of wood so if it broke down or something broke that part could be replaced. and could carry peoples items from one place to another.

some disadvantages are that its made of wood and it could brake down often and their is no metal for stability so it was very wobbly and it made a lot of noise some people say that they could here the cart from a mile away. it weighed 1,500 pounds and was really expensive.

uses for a red river cart

The red river trails on which the carts were used extended from the red river colony furtrading post, such as pembina and st.joseph in the red river valley, to mendota and St paul, minnesota . Furs were the usual cargo on the trip to St. Paul, and trade goods and supplies were carried on the trip back to the colony.

importance to to settling in the west

the red river cart is important because it was the the most successful way for people to carry thing from one place to another in one trip

impact on north dakota

the red river cart has a great impact on North Dakota because it was the only way for people to carry their trade items through the west and through the red river.


the red river cart was invented by Europeans in 1800 A.D they wanted to make a more successful way of travel through the west.
Red River Carts