Thank You for Your Support!

MESA is grateful to you!

Please accept our deepest gratitude.

MESA is delighted that our work this year has touched so many people and begun a movement to improve teaching and learning for southern Nevada children.

To the students who came to our weekly meetings, we thank you and salute you for exploring what we believe is the most important and rewarding work to which one can commit: teaching! We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you and offering our support next year through the weekly site visits or during your freshman year in college! Don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you want more information or support in finishing high school, pursuing college, and a career in teaching.

We are very fortunate to have had a core group of caring parents this year volunteer many hours to make our events a success and to assist in the work of getting great programming out to schools. The core group of parents is continuing their work this summer! (Please contact for more information). As the work continues, our parent volunteer group continues to expand. We are deeply grateful for the time, care, and energy parents put in to make this work successful! We'd also like to thank the parents and guardians who supported their teen in participating in the weekly meetings at our partner school sites.

The partner site educators have helped us in numerous ways, especially in understanding how we might continue our research to understand the teacher diversity gap and teacher shortage in southern Nevada. We consider your time to be a precious resource because it takes you away from the work of planning and collaborating to serve students or from restorative time with your loved ones. We so much look forward to working with you in the future!

Partner school site administrators were a key reason for our success. Granting access to your talented students, staff, and school site means that we can continue to serve teacher education and promote diversity in our schools. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to support teachers and students.

A number of community partners and policymakers provided integral support and connections that help ensure the program remains deeply embedded in a flourishing network of organizations seeking to serve our families and improve education for all students. We are deeply grateful to all of you.

We are especially grateful to the Nevada Department of Education for their support, guidance, and work to ensure the success and sustainability of this work. We are also so fortunate to be supported in a variety of ways by the the UNLV College of Education.

Please keep updated on progress by following us on twitter @MESAmeUNLV and visiting our website:

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Research Team

(Top) Allison Smith (PI), Christine Clark, Valerie Taylor, Steven Thomas, Tara Plachowski, Tonya Walls, (Bottom) Monica Hernández-Johnson, Ravi Singh, Rosemary Q. Flores, Norma Marrun, Jori Beck.