Advisor Blast: May

End of the Spring 16 Semester

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Happy end of the year! It was such a treat to see many of you a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope it's been another year of learning, reflection, and professional growth and development. I am so proud of you and all the hard work you put in to improving your practice for yourself and your students.

Graduating seniors - Enjoy graduation! Whether you can make it to the ceremony or not, I hope you get a chance to celebrate all your hard work in some meaningful way. Then have a great summer, and please keep in touch. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

For advisees, still continuing with me next year (yay!) - please look for the next blast in July. We'll take a break during the month of June. Hope you get to take a break and enjoy summer as well.


1. Share your feedback on the End of Semester Survey:

You all have great feedback to share and we want to hear it. You only have to take it once - the link covers all your courses. It closes on May 13th. Thanks in advance!

2. <for graduating students> Make sure you are prepared for graduation.

  • Have your cap and gown.
  • Have your account paid off as needed. If you're using AmeriCorps, that means your account must be sitting at or below $5,730.

3. <for first years or continuing folks> Register for summer electives.

Summer registration closes on May 31st.

4. Set a reminder to yourself to send your AmeriCorps funds in late August. Once you hear from TFA that the funds are in your account, you must send them to JHU if you have an MOU on file.

Graduation Information for 2nd years

Make sure you're ready. Quick reminders:

  • Cap and gown required at both ceremonies.
  • Account balance must be paid off or at/below the AmeriCorps level of $5,730, if using AmeriCorps to have your degree conferred.
  • You must have passed portfolio.
  • Destination Graduation information can be found here.
  • Baltimore Graduation information can be found here.

Destination Graduation Speaker Needed: For brave, reflective, thoughtful folks <AKA ALL OF YOU!!>, they are looking for a graduation speaker. I highly recommend interested folks throw their name in the ring. Here's the request:

The School of Education is seeking applications for this year’s student speaker. To qualify, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a confirmed member of this year’s graduating class
  • Speak on a topic that includes all school programs (not just their own) AKA SPEAK MORE BROADLY ABOUT EDUCATION, RATHER THAN JUST TFA/MSED
  • Keep the speech under 3 minutes
  • Send a copy of the speech as well as a video of you reading the speech to ASAP


Tuition Letters:

Billing letters will be sent again this month. Here are the highlights everyone needs to be clear on:

  • Letters are automatically sent and do not factor AmeriCorps into the balance.
  • As long as your balance is at or below the AmeriCorps amount of $5,730, you will be cleared for graduation. If your balance is more than $5,730, you must pay the difference to be cleared.
  • If your balance is at $5,730, but you still have a hold, please contact Student Accounts ( and cc me.
  • Monitoring and managing your account is ultimately your responsibility.

Portfolio for students starting in Fall 2016:

  • As you wrap up for the year, it's never too early to start preparing for your portfolio which starts in the fall and is similar to a Masters thesis (don't stress---call me if this makes you anxious). You'll get a lot more information about this in the coming weeks from the program team, but here are my pro tips:
    • Save student work related to any JHU assignments.
    • Save student work that demonstrates the level of mastery/learning happening in your classroom.
    • Review the portfolio resources on the program website. Click this link and navigate to the Digital Portfolio link on the left navigation pane.

End of Semester Survey:

The EOS Survey will open on May 2nd. You will receive an email with the link. We truly value your feedback and use it to make changes over the summer, so please plan in 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts between May 2-13.

Alumni Support for 2nd years:

Just because you won’t be taking courses with us anymore doesn't mean we aren’t here to support you. We’d love to continue to hear from you and would love to have your participation in alumni events nationwide. Our alumni team sends out newsletters, offers career counseling and other support services, so make sure to take advantage of the new alumni network you’ll soon be joining.

Student Support Teams

Career Services: Check out the career page and contact Jenny Eddinger (, JHU Career Counselor.



Student Accounts


Financial Aid


Liz, your biggest supporter

I'm always here to help however I can. Please don't be afraid to reach out, even in alumnihood.