Music critique

Mercy by Shawn Mendes

What is mercy and his album illumnate about?

Shawn explained what his album "Illunimnate" is about, he said," when dark times enter peoples life, they ussaly turn to music. So i named it illunimnate to bring light into peoples lives." The song mercy is about when music begans to take over my life i beg for mercy. Shawn said.
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I like the song mercy by shawn mendes. It over plays alot on the radio but it doesnt get annyoing to me. If you are going through hard times with a guy, or you broke up, this would be a GREAT song to listen too. I TOTALLY recommend it!:)
Shawn Mendes Talks New Song "Mercy" and More at KIIS-FM
Above this, heres the video that shawn talked about Mercy and illumnate!