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What is the story about?

The story is about two sets of paternal first cousins, five sons of Pandu and the one hundred sons of the blind king Dhritarashtra. The sons became bitter and they shown that by war of possession of the ancestral Bharata Kingdom, "City of the Elephants". The two sets of cousins became very mean and brutal to each other. When both sides of the family got tired of being hurt they decided to go into a battle to when the land.

Is the story a Folk or Literary epic?

The epic of Mahabharata is a literary story. The authors name is Vyasa Mahabharata. It has also been told from generation to generation.

The Main Characters in Mahabharata

Vyasa [Vee-YA-sha]: narrator of the story and father of Pandu and Dhritarashtra

BHISH-ma: half-uncle by marriage of Pandu and Dhritarashtra

Dhri-ta-RASH-tra: blind king, father of Duryodhana and the Kauravas

GAN-dhari: wife of Dhritarashtra

KUN-ti: wife of Pandu and mother to the five Pandavas and Karna

Yu-DHISH-thira: leader of the Pandavas, rightful heir to the throne

BHI-ma: strongest of the Pandava brothers

AR-juna: mightiest of warriors

NA-kula and Saha-DE-va: Pandava twins

DRAU-pa-di: wife to the five Pandavas

Du-ry-ODH-ana: leader of the Kauravas

Duh-SA-sa-na: brother to Duryodhana

KRISH-na: supporter of the Pandavas and avatar of Vishnu

DRO-na: teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas

KAR-na: warrior, secret son of Kunti, ally of the Kauravas

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The 4 elements of Mahabharata

The 4 elements of Mahabharata are hero, hero's quest, epic conflicts, and divine intervention. The heroes of the story are the five sons of Pandu, Krishna, and Arjuna. Pandu was not the actual father of the five sons because of a curse, which made him unable to have children. Their quest was to obey their father's command and to gain the land for him. The main conflict is that the five sons and the one hundred sons get into an arguement that leads into a big battle, Pandu's sons survived but their was no victory because they had destroyed the world they knew of. The divine intervention is the gods.

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Epic's Culture

Mahabharata is an epic from India and it has a culture of diversity. It's a sacred artifact and very important to the Indian culture. It is very important to the Indian culture because it teaches stories and inspires many people.

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Characterists in the epic

The tone of the story isThe first characteristic is Yudhisthira, also known as Dharmaraj. He as a great attachment with truth, mortality, rightousness, and commitment. Gandhari is a blindfolded female, a mom of one hundred sons and dies every moment she is alive.

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Interesting Details

Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world. There on only 4000 lines that is about the story the rest is about myths and teachings. Many scholars believe the battle between the cousins was acually fought. Gandhari's birth of one hundred children was not the normal birth. She hit her stomach on the wall, which made her go into labor. When she gave birth she found out that it was a shapeless lump of flesh. She called upon Maharish Vyas and he cut it into one hundres pieces. He put them into a jar and buried them. Over a long period of time the pieces grew into Gandhari's children.