French Culture pg.104, 106, and 110

By Julius Kaplan

In Martinique there are Yoles Rondes, or Gommiers, which are traditional fishing boats that they also use races that people come from all over the world to watch.
In addition to French, creole is spoken in Martinique. Creole is a mix of french, African languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Translation from French to Creole.



Chouette:I bon

D'accord: D'acco

C'est une bonne idee: Ce'an bon bagai

Je ne peux pas: Mwen pe pa.

Ca na me dit rien: Sa pa ka di mwen ayen

Pas question: Awa

Dancing is very set in the culture of Martinique. The dances that they do come from slave times, and those rhythms are still used today for dances like biguine, mazurka, and zouk.