Reaching Out

News from the HES Reach room

Kids and Coding

During the last few weeks, all students in grades 1 - 2 have been introduced to the concept of computer coding during their Reach special time. Students learned the basic components of communicating with a machine (coding) through the use of visual block programming systems. We first practiced a few "unplugged" activities that did not require the use of technology, but still required students to think critically and persevere when they encountered a 'bug.' I then assigned each student an account in Hour of Code that they are completing at their own pace.

Students can sign in to Hour of Code at home--simply have your child sign into Google Chrome with their login, INCLUDING, and then enter their password. For example, Jim Smith would sign in with Another option to practice coding is to go directly to my coding page for an abundance of other activities.

In addition, I have shared with students several apps for use on their tablets at school which include Lightbot, Tynker, Run Marco, and Scratch Jr. Many of these are free for use on other devices, as well. Spring break may be a good time to investigate some new challenges!

Mrs. Dano, HES Reach teacher