My First Semester of AVID

Maurice Cruz, 7th grade AVID 2nd period

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Things we did in AVID to help me succeed

  • Cornell Notes ensured I was listening and taking notes in class.
  • Binder Checks made me keep my binder organized so I could get a good grade
  • TRFs (Tutorial Request Forms) helped me with subjects I couldn't fully understand in class

Conell Notes

Taking notes in class is one of my new responsibilities. I have to have something to study with. If I don't take notes in class starting this year, I will most likely fail the test/quiz. That is why cornell notes are a quick way to help me study. All I have to do is write the important information down in class, write questions about the notes afterward to study from, and complete a summary for an overview of all of my notes.

Binder Check

I have always had trouble keeping my binder organized. I would always put loose paper in pockets or just throw them out. Sometimes those papers I threw out were important and I could not retrieve them. Starting this year in AVID, I planned on keeping my binder organized. It didn't really happen as planned. Until we started binder checks in class which encouraged me to keep my binder organized. I started putting my papers in the proper section of the rings of my binder, I always have enough supplies in my pencil pouch, and my planner is updated.

TRFs (Tutorial Request Form)

Sometimes I do not fully understand all information I recieve in class. I would write notes and do the assignment as best I could but I would ever fully understand. That is why tutorials in AVID helped me succeed this semester. Everytime I didn't fully understand a new topic in class, I would write up a TRF (Tutorial Request Form) to bring into class the next day. My tutors and my peers would help me understand the topic.

Community Service

While in AVID this year, I went to Mission Arlington to do community service for people in need of a Thanksgiving. Many people came to help carry and pack cans of food. We helped give a Thanksgiving to many people who wouldn't usually get one.

How AVID helped me

I feel that AVID helped me get a headstart towards the rest of my life. I now know some very important techniques that will get me more organized and responsible. This is only the first semester so I still have more to learn.

Next Semester

I plan on working harder to achieve my goals next semester. To do this I need to stay on track with my work and keep organized. I cannot fall behind so I need to continuously practice the skills I learned the first semster. Writing notes and keeping my binder in order will be my best resources to succeed not only next semester but the rest of my academic career.
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