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September 7th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

We've had another great week of learning and activity at CDS Middle School! Our primary focus this year is on maximizing learning outcomes through Collaboration. Teachers and students alike are off to a great start as they joyfully work together toward common goals. I hope you'll find evidence of this throughout this week's newsletter.

Our KAIAC athletic teams have been working hard in practices over the last few weeks, and now they'll have a chance to display their hard earned skills! On Saturday (as I write) our Girls' Soccer team is participating in their first jamboree of the season at Chadwick. On Wednesday evening, our MS Cross-Country team will compete at the Cheongna Lake Park. Next weekend all of our MS teams will be competing at various schools.

We're happy to introduce the MS Phoenix Report, which will include weekly updates from coaches on how our athletes are doing.

Also coming up, our 6th graders will take a field trip to the Gugak Arts Center on Friday 9/14. At the museum they'll learn about traditional music and participate in a Pansori/Folksong class.

In this week's newsletter teachers have included some wonderful snapshots of the great things happening in their classrooms. Please enjoy, and thank you for your support thus far in the school year!

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Mrs. Menzel Joins CDS Library Team

This week, Ms. Rachel Menzel joined the CDS library team as an Assistant Librarian. For the past two years, she was an active and successful member of First Program as an Assistant Teacher. Ms. Menzel is currently studying for her master's degree in library science. She will work with CDS Librarian of 4 years, Ms. Linda Choo, in supporting all three schools of CDS.

Parent Information Session #1 - Digital Portfolios

Thursday, Sep. 13th, 3-4pm

CDS Middle School Conference Rm (1st floor)

Digital Portfolios: What are they? Why are they important for our students?

In last week's Parent Interest Survey, we had a total of 13 respondents. The topics that received the most interest are listed in order below.

1- Digital Portfolios - What are they? Why are they important for students? / 디지털 포트폴리오 - 디지털 포트폴리오란? 왜 학생들에게 중요한가? 10 parents (76.9%)

There was a three way tie for the three topics below: 6 parents (46.2%)

  • English email templates for communicating with teachers / 교사와의 커뮤니케이션 위한 이메일 작성법

  • Google Docs & Slides - How do students use these tools to collaborate? / 구글 문서들 - 학생들이 협동활동(팀 프로젝트 등) 시 해당 문서들을 어찌 사용하는가?

  • Understanding Attendance, Comments, Notifications, etc. on PowerSchool. / 파워스쿨 사용법 (출결사항, 교사의 코멘트, 알림공지 등과 관련)

In this Thursday's Parent Information Session we will 1) discuss Digital Portfolios due to the majority interest. 2) We will gather more information about the specific type of English email templates you would like.

* Due to limited time, the remaining topics of interest will be discussed at a future information session.

We hope to see many parents in attendance on Thursday, September 13th. Please RSVP by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MS Office.

Thank you,

Mr. Scoville

RSVP - Parent Information Session #1

Please RSVP by clicking the button and completing the form

The MS Phoenix Report

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Upcoming Author Visit - Bryn Barnard

On Monday, October 8, 2018, author and illustrator Bryn Barnard will visit CDS Middle School.

We would like to offer the opportunity for you to purchase some of Bryn Barnard's books before his visit at a discounted price through Kids Book Sejong.

Students can bring the books to school to get them signed by the author during his visit.

To ensure that the books arrive in time, we must receive all orders and payments by Thursday, September 13.

Click to Order Books by Bryn Barnard

The books will be delivered to the school and given to students before the author visit, and students can get their books signed during Mr. Barnard's visit.

Dalton Cup Overview

Mr. Monette has published the Dalton Cup 2018-19 overview! We're looking forward to building Community, Collaboration and sportsmanship throughout the school year with these friendly mixed grade level competitions.
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Physical Science with Mr. Keel

"Speed" Lab on Dress Down Friday! - Class 8A

- The Speed Lab gave students an interactive opportunity to investigate how angle can affect the speed of a rolling object. They manipulated the angle of a ramp and recorded the time it took a rolling object to reach various points. Using their data they calculated the object's average speed and determined what trends were occurring. Student's organized, analyzed, and graphed the data in a detailed lab report documenting their investigation. It was amazing to see students collaborating and taking on different roles to accomplish a shared challenge.

Erica Jeon in 8A: "It was my first lab in Physics, it was a fun experience to work with my lab mates and working to calculate motion. It was a little confusing at first but our awesome teacher Mr. Keel helped us to make the lab successful. Overall, it was a memorable lab and I will never forget how to identify independent and dependent variables."

-Mr. Keel

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Social Studies with Mr. Drews

In Social Studies this week, 8th-grade students participated in a simulation that compared the conditions of working in a factory versus cottage industry. Students also considered the differences in the products created in both environments.

In the simulation, students were placed in an assembly line and were tasked with producing roller blades more quickly and with higher quality than their competition. A lone student, the craftsperson, worked on their own roller blades from start to finish within the confines of their comfortable "home."

8th graders will continue their study of industrialization over the next few weeks as they watch the documentary, Food Inc, which explores the modern industrial food system and complete a corresponding research project.

-Mr. Drews

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The Expert Club (Co-Curricular) with Mrs. Hinds

The small but mighty Expert's Club CC is composed of 6th graders, Russell Choi and Liz Kim and 8th graders, Kate Kwon and Grace Lee. In this CC the students decide on a topic they would like to become an "expert" in and then set about learning and discovering.

The goal is to have a finished product in which they can teach others what they have been researching. The students decided to join forces for the first topic and chose to create a mash-up of K-pop songs including a choreographed dance to accompany the song. The end product will be a video teaching others the dance with the K-pop mash-up as the background song. They will not only dance the choreography, but in addition will be voices of the song.

The photo above shows them in full practice mode as they perfect the song and moves before moving on to the production of the video.

-Mrs. Hinds

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Music History with Ms. Van Liew

The 7th graders have been continuing their Western Music History unit for Term 1. This week we have been covering the Romantic Era, particularly looking at what distinguishes the era from previous eras and what are some key musical elements to describe the Romantic Era. One lesson we did was play a version of the 3rd movement of Gustav Mahler's 1st symphony. The piece emphasizes the repeating theme that is played throughout a variety of voices, which is common in the Romantic era. Take a listen of the 7B class performing the symphony here:

-Ms. Van Liew
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G5 Long House - Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) with Mr. Thach & Ms. Wang

In Thursday Long House, G5 students were introduced to Second Step program to help them transition from First Program to the Middle School program. In our first lesson, we focused on two primary objectives:

1. Recognize how their brain is changing during adolescence... and,

2. Identifying Second Step topics that are important to them.

Throughout the year, house teachers will be working with our G5 students to address the Social-Emotional learning that is required of them to become successful students in their new learning environment.

- Mr. Thach

This Week, Around CDS MS

X-Country Practice

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Lab Time

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C.C. Time

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MS Teachers Collaborating

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Upcoming Events

9/8 MS Girls Soccer @ CI

9/12 MS X-Country @ CDS

9/13 MS Parent Information Session #1

9/14 Grade 6 Gugak Arts Center Field Trip

9/15 MS Girls Soccer @ KIS

9/15 MS Boys Soccer @ SFS

9/15 MS X-Country @ YISS

9/15 MS Badminton @ CDS

9/17 - 9/19 MS MAP Testing

9/24-9/28 Chuseok Break