This Week in 2nd Grade

January 20, 2019


Shalom! Our class had a VERY busy morning! We started by recording our proudest mitzvot from the past week and playing a Shabbat themed board game before we headed to Music with Cantor Friedman. When we returned to the classroom, we reviewed our magazine from last week, "The Torah", and watched a video about how a sofer writes a Torah. Ask your child what kind of feather the sofer uses to write the Hebrew letters. Can s/he remember why the sofer uses that kind of animal feather? For a super challenge, ask your child how many pieces of parchment are sewn together to make a Torah. Need a hint? You can watch the video with your child using this link:

After the video, we switched gears and learned more about Tu B'Shevat which starts tonight (the 15th of Shevat) at sundown. We learned it is customary to plant new trees, try new fruits, and have a seder to celebrate Tu B'Shevat. We had our own mini-seder and tried 6 of the 7 species of fruit from trees (avocados, figs, dates, pomegranates, olives, and chocolate!). We recorded how everything tasted on a data sheet.

As if that wasn't enough, we had a very special visit with Cantor Friedman who squeezed time into her schedule for a speed round of questions from our class. We learned so much about her and how she became a cantor! Read more below to learn more about Cantor Friedman. Todah rabah to Cantor for making time for our class!

Finally, we added another Hebrew letter to our alphabet repertoire. Ask your child if s/he learned lamed, mem, or caf this week.

Next week we'll start discussing the 10 Commandments. Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday) when Barb Kite will be running a fun parent/child 10 Commandments program with the 2nd graders. More info to follow shortly.

Have a fantastic week!


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What is your favorite place to vacation? Mexico!

Do you enjoy traveling? Yes! I especially enjoyed traveling with the Broadway tour of Cats. We went everywhere!

Do you have children? I do! Abigail who is in kindergarten and Zev.

What is your favorite song? Tough question! It changes all the time. Right now it is a song called "Holy Sister Miriam", but I like to listen to a lot on Jewish Rock Radio.

How many instruments do you play? 6! (Mrs. Bruns couldn't write fast enough to catch them all. Sorry!)

What is your favorite part about being a cantor? Being with all the kids here and sharing songs and music and helping them love being Jewish.

What do you have to do to become a cantor? I had to learn Hebrew just like the kids at Temple Jeremiah, and then I went to a special school called a seminary with other rabbis and cantors. I spent an entire year at school. I also had to work in an internship during school. Finally, after all the studying and practicing, I was ordained which is like a special kind of graduation.

What is your favorite story in the Torah? I really like this week's Torah portion which was about Moses and Miriam leaving Egypt. Miriam has a tamborine and leads everyone in song.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday? Passover! I love that it is about freedom and miracles! I also love sitting around the table with family and friends for the seder.

Why did you choose Temple Jeremiah? I love how warm and welcoming the Jeremiah community is to everyone. We do a lot for people with special needs and are inclusive of everyone. I also knew about Rabbi Cohen and was excited to work and learn with him!

What is your favorite animal? I'm not really an animal person, but I like horses.

Have you read the Torah? Yes! I have read parts of all the different books.

What is your favorite color? Green! (How perfect for Tu B'Shevat, Cantor!)


We were so busy this week, we forgot to spin a number for Mitzvah Madness. It will be back next week!
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Holy moly! We're up to almost $197 in donations to tzedakah! A special mazel tov to Jude and Ben who raised their own money to donate this week. Please remember to help your child find ways to earn their own money to donate for tzedakah. It truly makes the concepts of tzedakah and tikkun olam more meaningful and impactful for your second graders. This month's tzedakah is going to an organization called Share Our Spare to help supply infant necessities for families in need. You can learn more about Share Our Spare at