UWSP Disability Services

What type of agency is it?

Title 1, ADA, in accordance with section 504 of the vocational rehabilitation act and public agency.

What is the agency's address?

900 Reserve Street

UWSP Learning Resource Center Room 609

Stevens Point, WI 54481

What are the agency's hours of operation?

The services are provided from 7am-9pm on weekdays

The main office is open from 8am-4:30pm on weekdays as well.

What geographical area does the agency serve?

The agency strictly provides services only to UWSP students that have disabilities.

What is the history of the agency?

It started in 1973 under the rehabilitation act and offered limited services then in 1993 they were able to offer more services to students.

What interaction does the agency have with parents?

They have very limited interaction with parents. They want to have a transition from parent based to student based. Since college is a time that you are away from your parents the Disability services helps the student with that adjustment and they have very little contact with the students parents. They want to help the students to become less dependent on theirs parents as much as the possibly can. If the parents need to be notified about something then of course the staff would contact them.

What interaction does the agency have with schools?

They have quite a bit of interaction with schools. They have information nights at different schools and they make those students aware of the services that they provide.

What interaction does the agency have with youth?

They have no interaction. The agency provides services to college aged students and with the services provided it is not necessary for them to have interactions with youth.

How is the agency funded?

They are funded by state appropriations. This is money that is set aside for a purpose in this case it is to find the Disability Services and the services they provide for their students.

What services does the agency provide?

They provide students with testing accommodations such as providing the student with a proctor, recorded tests, a distraction free environment, extra time, etc. They also provide assistance with advising, information about campus, enlarged copies of worksheets, volunteer note takers, they inform professors about any accommodations, sigh language interpreter, recorded lectures, receiving the syllabus early, extra time, etc. Also if a student has a class in a room that is not accessible for them they can help the student find a different section with a room that is more accessible for them. All of the services they provide are reasonable and appropriate.
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How do individuals access the service?

The students come into the center and talk with one of the faculty workers and also have a meeting with either the Disability Services Coordinator or the Advisor. Then after that the student has to prove their eligibility.

What are the eligibility requirements?

In 2008 the requirements were the student has to have a diagnosed condition and impairment in order to be eligible for services.

How is the agency evaluated?

They do self assessments to determine how they can better what they are doing and there is university reports as well.

Who evaluates the agency?

No one. They do their own evaluations.

What link does the agency have to the IEP?

They have very little access. The students come in with an IEP but that is the only link they have to it.

What link does the agency have to the transition process?

They are at the very end of the transition process. They see how well the students high school did in transitioning them to college and they go from there. They then work with the students and help them with their transition from high school to college.