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March 18, 2016: Good feedback

Quote of the week: "This is a fantastic resource! Thank you for making it possible!"

- Anna, a teacher at FAIR School Downtown

Hi everyone - Good news! We've received a grant from the Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Foundation in the amount of $1,500. I've been focused on fundraising for our next instrument drives and improvements to Instruments in the Cloud. Do you have any fundraising ideas to share? Hit me up!

Thanks, Caitlin

Instruments in the Cloud interview

Last week, I talked with with Steve Boland of Next in Nonprofits about Vega Productions' mission and work and about Instruments in the Cloud. Click here to listen to the podcast. You can also find the Next in Nonprofits podcast on iTunes.


Goal: 100 wish lists by March 31.

This week, Software for Good made some serious headway on improving the load time for the site, which has been a challenge for users. Max made a good suggestion to share something that everyone could use to reach out to teachers on social media. Please watch for that on Facebook.