Miss Vickers' Kindergarten Class

What Have We Been Up To?

Updates and Reminders

-If anyone needs their child's Dojo code sent home again, or a new activation e-mail sent, please let me know and I will be happy to do that! I have stopped moving clips up and have been using Dojo to track behavior, so make sure you are checking it!

-Please send exact change when you send field trip, lunch, ice cream money, etc. Thanks!

-I have contacted the parents who are going on the field trip on Thursday. I appreciate everyone who volunteered, but we only needed 2 adults for this trip!


Stretch-n-Grow is a children's fitness program that has started to visit the Kindergarten classes at IES on Thursday's. This program comes into our class for 30 minutes once a week to teach the children about healthy foods, the muscles in their bodies, and instill a love of fitness and exercise at a young age. We are so lucky to get to have them come to our class!

A new way to practice fluency

We have started subtraction are rocking and rolling! In math centers, we learned how to play checkers and now we are playing the game with math problems on it! If you have the game at home, it would be fun to play and practice! There are so many ways you can incorporate math into games you play at home. Do you have Twister, Candyland, Jenga, etc.? Putting math problems on gameboards is a way to practice fluency that is more fun than normal flashcards. :)