Mid-Month check in + Prize reveal

Where are you to your goal?

Read on to find out about our exciting October Incentives!!!

We are half way through September so it is time to kick it up a notch and work towards our #EOM {End-of-the-month}

First of, did you see the customer promo that is starting today and will run through September 30? This is SUCH a great incentive ladies! It means you can ''up-sell'' to your customers. + Candi Cash can still be used (out of pocket will be $125 after candi cash).

*How about starting the Christmas Gift shopping early ;).

*Use it to encourage your hostesses to help you find a few more orders for her pop up and increase her reward credit.

*If you know of customers who have been wanting to get a statement necklace, they can get a free pair of earrings with it!

* Do a BULK order towards the end of the month where you collect local, smaller orders. They will all avoid shipping costs and 1 of them will win the free pair of earrings.


Where are you with your September BINGO board?

It is a check list to help you consistently work your business this month, with an eye towards planning ahead. Use it to your advantage and have a shot at winning some fun prizes!

* If you are a new Royal and are just hearing about 'BINGO' for the first time, jump right in. Save the graphic and work it for the rest of the month :)

You can shout out #BINGO in our ROYALS team group { www.Facebook.com/Royalsci } when you have one. And post your final BINGO card on the last day of September.

Each row is 1 raffle ticket. Diagonal rows count too. (There are 12 rows)

Full board is 20 Raffle tickets. ( full board renders the biggest odds ; ) ).

EXCITING: We are a little over 11k away from the big 250K Team milestone!!! (bottom right Bingo square). It will also mean we will have 25k in team sales this month which will unlock the KATE SPADE prize! ... Say what now?.. Read on ;)

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What can you win with BINGO?


Are you planning ahead? You should be! {I say that with love}.

Now is the time to get your pop ups booked for October (and beyond). Don't wait until it is here. #TOPTIP Schedule a pop up for the very first weekend in October, which falls right over the first several days this time! Which is perfect to kick-start your month. We call this ''front loading'' your month. You could then book additional pop ups for later in the month, leading to better sales. Especially considering the holiday season is starting.

Have you updated your Online Boutique?

Michelle Geissler stands out with her personalized Boutique. She shares her story and her profile image goes along with that story.

"I was first introduced to C+I by attending an online party. I ordered one pair of earrings and instantly fell in love with the unique packaging, quality and style. I am amazed by the beauty and intricate detail that I find with every piece and I want to share this with my customers. I am the mother of an amazing little boy, Saelac, who was born two days after Christmas in 2014." Her boutique is up to date and her customers will feel right at home. If you haven't updated your boutique with the new fall collections, do it today!

Great job Michelle! #ISeeYou

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If you have read this far, you are a Rocking Royal in my book! Shout out the #RockingRoyal in our team page to let us know you are ready to rock and roll the End-Of-The-Month + October!

Connect with your DMM!

It's a BINGO square to touch base with me this month ;) But you can always connect with me for tips, insight, a chat or even a little rant ;). I'm here to help.

Also connect with your team on Facebook and utilize the Chloe + Isabel community for inspiration, support and don't be shy to share your own tips, stories and graphics!

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