With special sauce

Ingredients :

1.1/2 cup Harriet Tubman

2.A sprinkle Abraham Lincoln

3.1/4 cup of John Brown

4. 2 Slices Uncle toms cabin

5. a few shavings of slavery

6. 1 cup of Dred Scott

7. a pinch of fort sumter

8. a dash of the fugitive slave act.

9. a few dashes of the Missouri comprimise


1. to start this zesty dish add your chunks of slavery, to a mid sized pot and let that heat on high for 3 mins at 375.

2. add your dashes of Missouri compromise to your pot and shake until it is done.

3. add your slices of john brown to your dish and marinate, watch you head it might be dangerous.

4.Now add the shavings of Dred Scott decision into the mix. now let that sit for 5 to 10 mins.

5. put your Harriet Tubman into the mix and stir until solid.

6.get a pinch of fort sumter and cook it in.

7. add in a dash of the of the fugitive slave act.

8. cook it and enjoy your delicious meal