Online Safety Awareness

Created by; White Van Studios. (Austin Klug Hour: 2 Comp: 8)

Don't sext, HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexting: Don’t do it. You may have heard stories at school or in the news about people “sexting”—sending nude photos from mobile phones. Don’t do it. Period. People who create, forward or even save sexually explicit photos, videos or messages put their friendships and reputations at risk. Worse yet, they could be breaking the law.

Were you ever sad when you shared something online? Us too

Even if you feel bad about it, you can't take it back. So next time you're online, about to share a video of your sister rolling down a hill while getting shot with a bibi gun, think about the consequences first

Sending nudes, yes, there is a difference between sexting and nudes.

Think about it for a second, would you like your mother to see that? If your answer is yes, then burn your phone after drowning it in gasoline, if no, good job, you know internet safety.

Don't send mean messages, little kids cry every time they see that.

Even if you're just sending a friend a joke mean message, they don't know the way that you say it, because it's through text, and not voice, so they could think you are bullying them, and you will probably be punched in one of your organs next time you see them as payback.

You are hated by many if you send embarrassing videos of other people.

People will not like you if you send everyone a video of them dancing, or for another example, singing, on a couch in their house with their friend. Nobody will like you, almost everyone will hate you, and for that single friend you have left after you post the videos, they will ditch you after posting one about you. By the way, check out this awesome singing video by LITTLE WILLIE!!!!!!!
Me and jake singing, hope you like it

All done!

It's done, you now know all you need to know about internet safety to have conversations and go on websites now, enjoy the depths of the interwebz ;D