Is He really a She?

By Madison Kothmann

She's the Man and Tweifth Night

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em" This is a quote from both the play and movie.

Example 1

In the movie, Viola dresses up as her brother and in the play, she dresses up as cesario.

Example 2

In the movie, Toby and Andrew were friends of duke but in the play, Toby was violas uncle and Andrew is Toby's friend.
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Example 3

In the movie, Sebastian went to london and in the play he was lost at sea.
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4 levels of comedy

Low comedy- Viola has to spit like a guy when she first gets to the school.

Farce- The whole movie she is pretending to be a boy.

Comedy of Manners- When Viola counts to 5 and slaps Justin.

Comedy of Ideas- When Viola and Duke are arguing about if she really is a girl or not while both teams watch.