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March 27, 2015

From the Desk of your ILD

Spring is officially upon us. Buckle in and prep yourself for a wild and crazy ride. With testing, spring dances, graduation, prom, field trips, and a slew of extracurricular activities, it's no wonder you have one of the most demanding jobs in the district. Not to mention all the daily operational and managerial tasks you must complete. My only advice...have plenty of Tylenol in the desk drawer. In all seriousness, remain focused and lead out front. Teachers, staff, students, and parents are counting on you to lead them through this onslaught of activity. As always, I stand ready to assist anyway I can. Thank you for you efforts but more importantly thank you for putting Students 1st!


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Edison Prep students are Oklahoma Academic All-Staters

CONGRATULATIONS! Rogelio Paredes-Flores and Lutie Rodriguez. Side note: Lutie is also a National Merit Hispanic recipient and Rogelio has a full tuition scholarship to Washington University (St. Louis)


REMINDER: HS Principals Meeting on April 3, 2015 at WTLA starting at 1:00

REMINDER: TPS Early Release Day is scheduled for April 3, 2015

REMINDER: Deadline for career evaluations and evaluation conferences is April 6, 2015.

REMINDER: McREL Evaluation (Rubric) for Principal and Assistant Principal completed by April 6, 2015

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Don't Forget....

Tulsa Public Schools continues to invest in the role of the Instructional Leadership Director to support principal growth and development. As a result, we have exciting opportunities to showcase our work nationally. During the month of March, there will be three groups visiting Tulsa to observe the work in action.

District of Columbia Public Schools (DC)- March 31st & April 1st

I have scheduled site visits with Monroe Demonstration Academy and Central JH-HS that will focus on Learning Walks and SRI Review. Thank you Ms. Smith and Dr. Johnson for allowing DCPS to experience the BRAVE and MUSTANG way!

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AP Summer Institutes

Secondary teachers including 6th grade, please remember to register for AP summer institute at the University of Tulsa or at the University of Oklahoma. Classes are filling up quickly!


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Check out a very inspirational video lesson on the Tulsa Race Riot. It was facilitated by Mr. Cherry, PreAP History teacher at Carver Middle School, and students. Well Done!
Tulsa Race Riot iMovie

Need a Prom Dress????

Principals and Counselors-

Janet Rader is the point person for First Baptist Church. They have donated hundreds of dresses for TPS students that can be picked up starting Monday, April 6th through Friday, April 10th from 9:00am-11:00am. The dresses can ONLY be picked up from First Baptist Church (South) - 6110 South 99th East Avenue.

Please identify one person from your school who can pick up as many dresses as needed to be distributed to our young ladies at school during the week of April 6th – April 10th. We want to ensure that our young ladies look beautiful for their prom!

If you choose to participate, please ensure that you send a thank you note to:

Janet Rader

6110 South 99th East Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133


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Getting Googly

Thanks Curriculum and Instruction!

Everyone has probably heard that Tulsa Public Schools has gone Google. This means that you and your students have access to hundreds (maybe thousands) of tools and resources that can make lessons more engaging, create a paperless classroom, allow students to collaborate online, and much more.

For some teachers, Google Drive may be a new concept. There are numerous great tutorials out there to help you learn what Google Drive is and what it can do for you. This website provides short videos plus text to guide you through the basics of Google Drive. This guide is specifically written for teachers and students using Google Drive.

Some teachers are familiar with Google Drive but haven’t had time to explore all of the amazing tools available with it. Here are just a few:

  • Using Google Drive for class exit tickets or backchannel, have students share what they’ve learned, pose questions, and let you know what additional support they might need.
  • Use a Google Drive template to have students create fake Facebook pages for literary characters, historical figures, or even different diseases in a science class. Start this project at the beginning of a unit and have students interact as their assumed characters as events occur.
  • Instantly grade your classroom quizzes by using Google Drive and Flubaroo .
  • Give oral feedback to students when they submit their work to you via Google Drive using Kaizena.
  • Have students practice close reading or review content using Texthelp.
  • Provide a way for students to organize their thoughts, concepts, or content using a mind map and Google Drive.
  • Even allow Google to help connect parents with your classroom.

Chromebooks vs. iPads...Which would you prefer?