CNY Angpow CSR Project 2016

A Festival Giveaway CSR Initiative by Bounce Back Malaysia

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We are looking for Sponsorship Partners for our Festival Giveaway CSR Initiative

CNY Angpow Giveaway CSR Project is part of Bounce Back Malaysia's Festival Giveaway CSR Initiative which promotes COMMUNITY HARMONY & KINDNESS during Malaysian festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, etc.

√ Tick your choices:
[ ] Gift vouchers from various outlets (RM20 x 20 pieces, vouchers inside branded angpows)

[ ] Buffet vouchers (x 10 from each F&B outlet)

[ ] Movie tickets (x 20)
[ ] Hamper vouchers (x 10)

[ ] Product vouchers (x 20)

[ ] Cash sponsorships [ ] Gold: RM10,000 [ ] Silver: RM5,000 [ ] Bronze: RM3,000

[ ] Shopping Mall space with PA system (for 1 hour event of fun games and angpows)

[ ] Video production (RM5,000- RM10,000)

[ ] Facebook Ads (RM5,000-RM10,000)

[ ] Branded Angpow packets (x 20)

[ ] any contribution amount, gift voucher, or support will be greatly appreciated as it will touch hearts!

Target: 100-200 giveaway angpows.

Sponsorship Collection: Before 6 February 2016

Event Venue: Sunway Pyramid

Games to win Angpow Giveaway: A series of social awareness games will be played to win angpows.

Event Dates: 11 February (Thu.); 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Celebrities Drop bys: various celebrities are invited to drop by and support our event.

Videos & Photos: Videos and photos will be broadcasted during the 2 weeks of CNY in Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Benefits, ROI:

▪ Be associated with happy festivals in BBM's Festival Giveaway CSR Initiative.

Brand placement and brand integration into the CSR stories.

Goodwill Employer Branding as a CSR contribution acknowledged in credits of the videos in our ChangeU Alumni, YouTube channels, etc.

Facebook pages: ChangeU International (14,600+), Bounce Back Malaysia (3,000+), Robert Chaen (3,900+), ChangeU Alumni & databases (10,000+)

▪ A complimentary Diamond Leader seat costing RM2,396.

Uniting Malaysians to bounce back to greatness and kindness for a better Malaysia

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Bounce Back Malaysia is a national CSR initiative to unite Malaysians to bounce back to greatness and kindness. BBM (in short) is a division under ChangeU International, Asia’s #1 change experts.


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