The Frog in the Well

By Alexandra McFarlane

What It's All About

This Chinese fable is a story that details a little frog's dream of escaping from the bottom of a deep, dark well and coming to the surface to explore the wonderful world above him. The frog lives in a very confined world and in the end, is forced to learn to live with what he was given. The big world above the frog, to him, was just a big dream.

Li Cunxin and the Frog

Li Cunxin and the little frog were both very similar. First of all, they were both told that they were destined for a poor life, where they struggled to make ends meet. Both of their worlds seemed gloomy, dark and just sad, but what makes both Li and the little frog different was that Li managed to escape from his poor peasant life and live a free, happy life. The little frog never managed to escape from the bottom of the well.

What Can Be Learnt

Li Cunxin deliberately included this fable in his book, as he himself was just like the little frog. He lived his life as a poor peasant boy in a deep, dark world which he could not escape, but unlike the frog, he managed to leap out of his dark world in China and escape to the country of freedom, America. Unfortunately, many people in China were not as lucky as Li, and still live poor peasant lives, and who are still stuck in the deep well.