4th Grade Newsletter~Mrs Meridith

January 11-January 15


Good Luck to Tony for representing our class in the Spelling Bee on Wednesday.

Important Dates


5 ~ School Resumes! - D day

6 ~ Grade Cards go home

6 ~ Oscars-Quarterly awards @ 8:05

8 ~ AR Party-Hawaiian Luau

11 ~ PTO Meeting @ 5:45

13 ~ All School Spelling Bee

15 ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

18 ~ No School! MLK Jr. Day

19 ~ Kansas Day

Valentine's Day Party Sign up - Friday, February 12th @ 2:15

Game: ???

Food Treat: Camryn

Food Treat: Clara

Food Treat: Dani

Drinks: Emma

Napkins: Emma

Party Favors: Sane'

Vocabulary 3.5

  1. announcement: a public or formal notice
  2. feature: part of a face
  3. harness: the leather straps, bands, and other pieces used to hitch a horse or other animal to a carriage, wagon, plow, and so on.
  4. lumberjacks: people whose work is cutting down trees and sending the logs to a sawmill; woodsmen; loggers
  5. requirements: things demanded
  6. thaw: to make or become less cold
  7. unnatural: not natural; not normal
  8. untamed: wild; not domesticated