The Daily Routine

Alyssa King

Basic phrases

Primero, me despierto.

FIrst, I wake up.

Me ducho.

I take a shower.

Me lavo el pelo.

I wash my hair.

Me cepillo los dientes

I brush my teeth.

Me peino.

I brush my hair.

Ponerse los lentes de contacto

To put on your contacts.

Pintarse las uñas.

To paint your finger nails.

Me visto.

I get dressed.


Ponte el abrigo.

Ponerse: ponte: póntelo (put it on)

To put on: Put on your coat. Put it on.

Cepíllate los dientes.

cepillarme: cepíllate: cepíllatelos (brush them)

To brush your teeth. Brush your teeth. Brush them.

Péinte el pelo.

Peinarse: Péinte: Péintelo (comb it)

To comb your hair: Comb your hair. Comb it.

Sécarte el pelo.

secarse: sécarte: sécartelo (dry it)

To dry your hair. Dry your hair. Dry it.

Píntate las uñas.

pintarse: píntate: píntatelas

To paint. Paint your nails. Paint them.

Ponte el maquillaje.

Ponerse: ponte: pontelo

To put on. Put on your makeup. Put it on.

Ponte el desodorante.

ponerse: ponte: póntelo

To put on. Put on your deodorant. Put it on.

Lávate las manos.

lavarse: lávate: lávatelas

To wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash them.