American Postal Workers Union

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Even though the APWU started here in NYC it clearly spread.

Here's an example; The APWU is in the San Jose area.

Facts About APWU

  • The American Postal Workers Union started in July 1,1971
  • The APWU started in New York. There was a ¨Strike in 1970 for Postal Services workers in New York¨.
  • The only way the wages would increase depended on the decision or change of mind of Congress.

President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer Of APWU

The current President of the APWU is

Mark Dimondstein.

He's been president for the past couple years. Mr. Diamondstein one of his decisions were to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders or not. So Mark decided to endorse him he felt," This decision was a straight forward one versus a complex one.

Secretary Treasurer

The Secretary Treasurer is Elizabeth Powell. Sadly the APWU they actually got a penalty. The penalty was "Penalty assessment order". They received this penalty because of a failure to carry its workers compensation insurance. The amount was 41,000 dollars. They came to this result over the missed 822 days and for every missed day 50 dollars.

Vice President

Debby Szerdey is the second highest ranking officer in the APWU. She has to assist the President in the administration of the union. The VP helps the union at a national, local and state level

How many members in the union today?

There are currently 200,000 employees Postal Service people who are clerks, maintenance employees, and motor vehicle service workers.

Benefits for the workers of APWU.

  1. APWU Mastercard
  2. APWU Health Plan
  3. Mortgage and Real Estate
  4. Scholarships
  5. Transfer Ads

There are plenty more but here are a few.

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Past Presidents

Cliff Guffey (2010-2013) Elected October 2010.

William Burrus (2001-2010) Elected October 2001, and re-elected in 2004 and 2007.

Moe Biller (1980-2001) Elected October 1980*, and re-elected in 1983, 1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, and 1998.

Emmett Andrews (1977-1980) Elected General President by the National Executive Board, May 23, 1977; re-elected October 1978.

Stu Filbey (1971-1977) Appointed in 1971 to be the first APWU president. Elected June 1972 by the general membership, and re-elected in 1974 and 1976. Died in office in 1977.

Picture, What does it mean?

"Our Postal Service Yesterday Today Forever."
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Lastly Interviews.

My mom.- She works in Guest Services at A Hotel called Wyndham Midtown 45. The union shes apart of is New York Hotel Trades Council

called “Local 6”

What benefits, if any do you receive being apart your union?

A: My mom is lucky to have the union. Prior to Wyndham taking ownership of the property they were laying people off. My mom along with other people from her job had to organize a strike to prevent the new company from getting rid of the employees.

Do you feel they treat their workers fairly?

A: She feels local 6 is very fair and always available to send delegates to defend the union workers.

Lastly, if you could add or change something what would it be?

A: Lastly, she would like to add better raises and programs for first time home buyers.

My Aunt- She works as a Paraprofessional at the Children's Workshop school.

The union she is apart of is United Federations of Teachers called UTF.

What benefits, if any do you receive being apart your union?

A: They provide dental care for family, eye vision, free legal aid, and offer retirement savings.

Do you feel they treat their workers fairly?

A:Yes, The union fights for wages/salary we deserve.

Lastly, if you could add or change something what would it be?

A: She wouldn't change anything. She satisfied with the way the union operates.

My Uncle- He is a police officer who works for NYPD. The union he apart of is Patrolmen's Benevolent Association called PBA.

What benefits, if any do you receive being apart your union?

A: He gets eye care, dental care, lawyers,medications and life insurance

Do you feel they treat their workers fairly?

A: Yes they fight for our wage hikes.

Lastly, if you could add or change something what would it be?

A: So far he very happy with his union and won't change anything.

What I found interesting during the interview is the union protects the workers. The benefits are mostly the same all the perks and benefits you can receive are for FREE. Now everyone who has a job doesn't necessarily have a union for example grocery store workers, Mcdonald workers this was surprising to me.