Outsiders Update

Fire at the Church

Who, What, When, and Where?

It was a cold, winter day in Oklahoma. School teachers took their young school-children to a mountain and hills but the relaxing day ended abruptly when they realized that the church behind them had burst into flames. As everybody gathered around the church, the school teachers started to panic when they realized that a few of their kids were missing. They most likely thought that they had snuck into the church to play. These terrifying moments were relieved when two brave and heroic teenagers decided to go into the flaming edifice and save the children. The teenagers, by the name of Johnny and Ponyboy, dove through a shattered window. They say that it was the back room in where the children were found huddled in a corner.

"It was terrifying. I was screaming so much." A little girl says still traumatized by the event. One by one, each child was tossed out to a window to safety. But after the rescue, time was running out the the old church collapsed. Ponyboy is in the hospital because of too much smoke inhalation and some back burns. Unluckily, the church had collapsed onto Johnny. They say that he is in the hospital for a broken back. He was have faced certain death if another teenager friend hadn't dug into the rubble to pull him out. Maybe he is never to walk again, but they are still hailed as heroes.